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Monday, July 18, 2005

My Photos

Here are some nice photographs of me. My guardian likes to take pictures of me. I guess because I am so cute. Anyway, here're the photos:

This is a picture of me on Lake Austin. It is one of the lakes near my home where my guardian takes the kayak. A kayak is another name for a boat. Just so you know. Boat has something to do with float. Interestingly, though, it is not related to goat. Not all rhyming words go together. I learned that.

I look pretty good, don't I?

In this picture I am checking out the kayak gear. Thank God I know how to swim.

The little item in front of me is called a golf ball. They are unusual animals. I can hardly catch them sometimes.

Golf balls live in wildlife preserves called golf courses. They call it that because of the golf balls living there. There is a wildlife preserve near where I live that is home to many golf balls. Also a possom.

And, finally, this is a picture of how I walk when I am trying to look cool.

In this photo I have just chased a couple of deer away. I did that because they are deer and I felt like it.

I would like to write some biographical information later in the week so check back soon.

Thanks for looking at my swell pictures.




  • Dear Rowan,

    You are a most handsome dog as well as most intelligent. And kind. I look forward to following your adventures. Do remember that your guardian is only a human and may not understand the necessity and purpose of some of your adventures. We humans try, but we really aren't always all that bright. For intance, we live with two cats. Cats are NOT dogs. Not at all similar. Very confusing.



    By Anonymous Robert Stiefel. Integrity-LS, at 8:00 AM  

  • Dear Robert,

    Thank you for writing to me. Sometimes humans don’t want to write to a dog. I guess it’s the language barrier.

    You are a most astute observer of canine physiognomy. I am indeed handsome, aren’t I? And intelligent and kind. Also, humble.

    I do sometimes have trouble with my guardian. She indulges in a little thing called “work” which I really do believe is somewhat addictive. She does it everyday. I don’t really know what work is but it does not involve treats. I know that. I will try to be patient with her. I know she really loves me. Plus, the food around here is lots better than on the streets.

    Wishing you belly rubs and Milk Bones,


    By Blogger rowan, at 2:43 PM  

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