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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

For Your FYI File...

Well, I just about freaked out today. Let me tell you what happened:

My guardian, Lindy, likes to practice throwing things. I guess because she throws like a girl. Anyway, she goes down to the lake and practices throwing things in it. Balls and Frisbees mainly. It is my job to swim out and get them for her. I like doing it because I am a very good swimmer. Plus, it helps Lindy.

Up until today I had assumed that the reason I had to retrieve the balls out of the lake for Lindy was because she couldn’t swim. But today she got all the way in the water and swam out even further than me. She even put her whole head in the water! That seemed stupid to me. I was initially pretty worried about her being in the water but she can swim even faster than me! And she made it all the way back to the shore. Though, I think that she touched bottom before I did.

So, just for your FYI file: Humans can swim. Who knew…




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