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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have gotten to go out to the ranch quite a lot these last couple of days. Lindy takes me there. I'll tell you what, I sure do have a swell time out there. There's all kinds of dead stuff to roll around on. I love it.

On the down side... I think I am going to be getting a bath soon.

In my more philosophical moments I realize that there is some relationship between making myself smell good, and the effort I put into that by seeking out and rolling on dead things, the likelihood that the universe will give me a bath. I haven't quite got it figured out yet.

Here's a picture of me at the door. I'm ready to go, I'll tell you what.

And here's a swell picture of me running through some grass.

Here's one of me standing in some water and looking around.

And here's one of me climbing on the rocks. You can kind of see my ball in the foreground.

Lindy forgot to bring my ball one day so I had to just swim for joy. It's as good, I guess. There is a duck I like to swim towards. I want to play with the duck but every time I go towards it, it swims away. Alas.

I hope you are having better luck making friends.




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