It's A Dog's Life

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lindy took me to my bank today. I had a swell time riding in the car and everything but, funny thing, this bank won't let me come inside. Can you imagine! My guardian has had an account at this bank for many years and they still won't let me inside. The only reason, and they said so right out, is that I am a dog. And to top it all off, I didn't even get a treat from the teller. It's just canineophobia, pure and simple, and it's unjust, I'll tell you what. Just plain unjust. I don't worry because I have friends at my other banks and I am not even sure what a bank is anyway so no big deal. It's just the inhucanineity of it all.

After that experience Lindy took me for a ride in the country where I saw some deer and barked at them. I like doing that.

(except deer)



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