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Monday, June 11, 2007

Recently I got to spend some time with my good buddies Mini and Biggles. Their real names are Mini Me and Mr. Bigglewsworth but we just call each other by our casual names on account of us being such great pals and everything.

Mini and Biggles live with my friends Mr. John and Ms. Gayle. They are real nice humans. I like them a lot. And they have a swell back yard.

Here are a couple of shots of me playing with one of Biggles' toys. Biggles is real swell about stuff like that. He is kind of my boy friend. I mean, we have a special kind of relationship where I do things with Biggles that I wouldn't do with other dogs. You know, unless they were real sexy like Biggles.

Here is another one of me playing with Biggle's toy.

Here is a shot of me guarding the back yard from squirrels and birds and stuff. Despite all the fun times I had, I still had to do my duties by taking good care of Lindy and the other dogs.

Lindy told me that some people don't believe that dogs can really climb trees. Well, just let me submit to you these neet shots of me climbing trees in Mr. John's back yard.

You can see that I am actually very good at it.

I think I look very sporty in this one:

So, you see, I can climb trees. And high up too!

Well, as you can see, I had a real exciting and fun time at Mini and Biggles' house. I also did quite a lot of running and a little barking. I did have some duties to attend. I am, after all, a working dog. But, mainly it was about having fun with my buddies.

Hope you are having fun times with your friends too.




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