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Friday, April 27, 2007

As some of you may know my guardian recently went out of town without me. Why she decided to do this is something that I still do not understand. Apparently, I just wasn’t invited to Cousin Amy’s wedding. Or, maybe there were some humans who just didn’t feel that dogs should be at weddings. I don’t know.

But, anywhooo… While Lindy was away, I got to stay with my vet at the Dog Hotel. It is a special hotel just for dogs, no humans allowed, and it is really cool.

Here is a picture of me just before I went into the vet office.

You can see that there are quite a lot of nice plants to pee on. It's a pretty swanky hotel, I'll tell you what.

The first thing you do when you get inside is you sit on this special platform called a scale. It tells you how much you weigh. I weigh 26 dog pounds. It says so on the scale.

This is a picture of me sitting on the dog scales. It's called getting weighed. I asked Lindy how much she weighs but she just stared at me and didn't answer. I guess getting weighed is not quite as much fun for humans as it is for dogs.

After I got weighed -- which doesn’t hurt at all, by the way -- I got petted by my veterinary assistant, Lori. Lori is so great. She gave me a paper collar with my very own name on it and she petted me a lot and gave me a treat. She's the best, I'll tell you what.

Here is a nice picture of me and Lori. It is important to have a good veterinary assistant because Lori really knows her way around Four Paws. She knows where the food is, the scale, and even treats! She is a good friend.

That was all pretty exciting so I asked to be taken to my room. I had my very own blanket and some toys, plus my own bowl with food in it just like at home. It was really pretty nice.

On the way over to my room I smelled of these nice plants, and I peed on some of them just to show how much I appreciated everyone's hospitality to me.

And here is a shot of me in my room.

On the day that Lindy came back to the Dog Hotel to get me -- Because, remember she went on a holiday without me! -- When she came back to get me my friends at Four Paws gave me this real nice dog bandana.

This bandana is actually much butcher than the last one they gave me. But, it still lacks the sophisticatin of my gay pride bandana which Lindy let me put on as soon as we got home. It's my favorite. So pretty.

This is a pretty picture ofme in my gay pride bandana. -- I'm here, I'm queer, Give me a treat... Woof!

After that I reviewed the report which my vet prepared for me. Unfortunately it understimates my fabulousness with notations like "appears normal" when it is clear that my fur is beautiful and my ears are enormous. "Fabulous" was not one of the choices on the form though.

Here is a picture of me reading the report. You can see that it has my picture right on it! Fancy.

Before I sign off I have to give a shout out to my new friend, Molly. Molly is a bird. I am not allowed to chase her but I can get close as long as I am real gentle. Human have to be gentle with Molly too. She is a real pretty bird, not the kind that has to be chased off the porch. Here is a nice photo of my new friend, Molly.

So, that about wraps up my big report frm the Dog Hotel. Bottom line is that I had a good time, got plenty of treats, and some real nice pets. I have lots of friends at Four Paws. I can't wait to go back!

It doesn't really even matter that I got left behind on Lindy's big adventure. I had my own adventure right here.

I hope you are having big adventures in your life, or at least staying at a swanky Dog Hotel.




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