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Sunday, March 11, 2007

This is a photo of a new friend I made at the lake which is in the town, it's sometimes called Town Lake for short.

Her name is Scratcher. She's a nice little bitch but, and this is kind of sad, I don't think she can swim. I heard some dachshunds were like that.

But, she is pretty and I like her. Her guardian is a real cowgirl, which is a lot better than whatever Lindy is. I don't think Lindy has any cows at all.

Hope you are all having a fun weekend.




  • Hey, she kinda looks like me! I won't swim, either. Legs are too short.

    Anyway, I hope your sore toe is okay. Did something bite you or what? Yikes.

    Glad we all got to play today. I was tons of fun. I'm wiped out and ready for bed. See ya later!

    By Anonymous Romeo, at 7:23 PM  

  • Hey romoe buddy... Turns out it was just a real little sticker. Lindy got it out for me.

    Hey, that was cool when she picked me all the way up and I was bigger than all you guys. I liked that.

    I just put some photos up on my blog of all you guys. And, I wrote about my paw too.

    Lindy who is kind of an assistant -- yeah, that's the ticket, an Administrative Assistant -- she is my administrative assistant... well, she couldn't remember everybody's name. So, she's not that great of an assistant but I DO love her.

    See you around the neighborhood pal!



    By Blogger Rowan, at 11:41 PM  

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