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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rowan Goes To The Lake

Today Lindy took me to the lake that is in the town, sometimes called Town Lake. She thought I needed to have a little fun. I like going to the lake but I was glad that I didn't have to get in the boat. It's scary.

Uncle Rusty gave me a camera for Christmas so I have instructed Lindy to practice taking pictures of me for the blog. She's getting better. Here's a sample of her latest work:

This is a shot of me looking around for a nice stick for Lindy to throw for me. She needs the practice.

This seems like a good one.

Here is a shot of me swimming with the stick.

And, here I am taking the stick back to Lindy.

I climed a tree too. Lindy cheers for me when I climb trees so I like to do it whenever I can.

As you can see, I had a very fun day at the lake. Lindy is fun to hang out with. Even though she can't run very fast and she dosen't roll in the dirt she's still good at throwing sticks and, unlike any of my canine friends, she keeps treats in her pocket. Lindy says that it's important to spend time with the Guiardian even if it seems like it's not doing any good.

I hope you all had a good Epiphany and that you got to spend time with your Guardian.



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  • Hey Rowan,

    I finally got to really read and enjoy your blog. Your Guardian, Lindy, may have a short-coming or two, but she is a crackerjack photographer. She really catches your essence! Whether you are playing, napping, or modelling, she knows just how to make you look your best. I liked the pictures of you and Bear chasing about the yard. It looked to me like you needed to remind Bear to 'make nice' while playing. He's a big guy and probably doesn't know his own strength (and bark, and (?) bite). Looks like you knew how to keep him humble!

    Oh, oh. I'm no blog expert, but I think I just commented on two different entries on only one comment thingy.

    Okay, well since I'm mis-blogging, let's cover your adventure at the Methodist Church. I was really impressed with that, because when I was in college (ask Lindy), I was kind of an honorary Methodist for four years. Yep, good ol' Nebraska Wesleyan University. (It's no Southern Methodist U., I'll tell you, but a pretty good college.) The president of NWU was a Methodist minister, so were several faculty members. The Prez was a really good preacher, so he was fun to listen to in assemblies, chapel, and so forth. But some of those "Revs" probably went into teaching 'cause they couldn't preach. Oh, oh. Yep, pretty boring classes.

    Abby, my partner's dog, is really with you on the clean plate club. That is to say, she thinks her dish and water bowl should be cleaned daily too. What is it about humans that we can't make that connection. Some of us think coffee tastes better if the coffee pot isn't washed between brews. Some of think left-overs taste better the second or third day, too. So, maybe some of that thinking is justifying reusing your dishes without a wash every day.

    Oh. What are left-overs?? Good question, Rowan! And I can't begin to answer it. Try imagining that Lindy gave you too much food. (I know, I know--it'll never happen, but pretend.) Then imagine that you only eat half. The half that's left-over (uneaten--I know, it's unimaginable!) gets wrapped up, stored in the refrigerator, then served to you tomorrow! That's left-overs. And sometimes they do taste better the second day. But, I digress. You're right. We should wash dishes daily--everyones. (Don't hold your breath, Rowan! :) )

    I get the biggest kick out of reading your blog, Rowan. You are a handsome fellow, and you sure know how to have fun. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

    Love you,

    Aunt Pat (in far away Phoenix)

    By Anonymous Pat Klemme, at 7:05 PM  

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