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Thursday, March 01, 2007

These are some photos that Lindy snapped of me recently. We agree that they are all good shots and that they show off my handsomness pretty well.

In this first shot I am on my way to the store for SmartPets. You can see that have my fur brushed nicely and I'm ready to go.

In this next one I am just standing in the yard. But, don't I look good?

And here is a photo of my dog jewlery. It's a special tag to remind me that Lindy loves me a lot because of me being such a super dog and everything. It even says "Good Dog" right on the jewlery.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you are feeling as handsome as I am!




  • Hey Roro! How ya been?

    Wow, today was the best fourth birthday any pup could ask for! First, Mommy and I woke up and went for our walk. Then I got back into the bed. Ususally Mommy kicks me out so she can make the bed, but she let me stay there while she went to work! It was cuddley under the covers all morning!

    Then, Mama came home from work. We went for a walk and... guess what??? My best pal Diego was outside so we got to play for a while! Yay! Then, Mommy said, "you wanna go for a ride in the car?" Well, duh! Of course!

    We went in the car and stopped at Petco AND Petsmart south of our house. It was grrrreat! I got to sniff the ferrets and get love from the humans. After that, I got to have a Short Stop hamburger from the drive-through! It was so cool. After that, I thought we were going home... but NO! Mama took me to the Petco AND Petsmart north of our house! Yup, I got to visit FOUR pet shops for my birthday!

    When we got home I played with Diego some more and then it was time for a nap. After my nap, I opened my presents. Mama got me a new t-shirt (it says "my bark is worse than my bite") and a new toy (it's a stuffed animal that looks like a stick!). Diego got me a flying squirrel toy. For dinner, Mama fixed me a bowl of kibble and fresh tuna. It was yummy. All in all, I'd say it was a grrrrreat day!

    And now... my favorite part of any day... BEDTIME!

    By Anonymous Mr. Romeo, at 6:08 PM  

  • Very good, Romeo. And Happy Birthday Pal! I didn't know... Me and Lindy celebrate my adoption day because I don't really remember the exact day that I was born on. I didn't know you were supposed to remember.

    I got to ride in the car today too, and Lindy put the top down for me. I love the feel of the wind blowing through my big ears. we didn't go to any pet stores though.

    After the car ride I did get to stay outside while Lindy took care of our plant friends. It makes them happy to get water on them. Go figure. That was a fun part of the day. I kept a very keen gaze over the neighborhood just in case anything was amiss. It's my job and you KNOW how responsible I am.

    I am real glad that you had a fun birthday and I am glad that you are my friend. Hope to see you around the neighborhood.



    By Blogger Rowan, at 7:30 PM  

  • thanks pal!

    to tell the honest truth, my "birthday" is really my adoption day, too. we don't know when i was born. i can't remember, either. we just add one year to my adoption because we think i was 1 when she adopted me. so, really, it wasn't my fourth birthday... it was my third anniversary of adoption! but i like to call it my birthday. :)

    glad you're keeping an eye on that part of the neighborhood. hope to see ya real soon!

    By Anonymous romeo, at 10:53 AM  

  • Dear Rowan,

    I am so jealous that your friend Mr. Romeo got a Short Stop burger. We don't have that here in FW. And did you know the one in San Angelo is no more? Of course you probably didn't know that since you've never been there. But do you know that I remember one time going to Short Stop in SA with the good Lindy, yes I do!

    By Blogger Amy, at 2:30 PM  

  • Dear Amy,
    I spoke to Lindy about this and she dosen't have a recollection of it. Lindy does not like Short Stop. She says the soda cups don't fit in the cup holder in our car. That's a big turn off for her. Lindy says that the only hamburger worth anything is the Hawaiian burger at Hutt's in Austin. Sometimes LIndy gets me a burger at Burger King. We like the king but feel that Jack is a little homophobic. Lindy won't go to Jack In The Box for anything. Also, sometimes she splits a BBQ sandwich with me. I like that A LOT! But, mainly I have to eat all organic, baked not fried, special food for dogs. They don't have that at Short Stop. -- If you come to see me would you give me a belly rub? Just wondering.

    By Blogger Rowan, at 8:47 PM  

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