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Friday, March 16, 2007

Dogs In The 'Hood

Yesterday Lindy and me went walking around in the parking lot and a lot of dog friends were out there. It was really cool.

This pretty little black and white dog looks like a princess because she has long fur and her ear fur is real flowy. It's pretty neat.

That little girl is her guardian. The sunglasses are Lindy's.

I forgot the name of this little dog. He is very spunky, though. I like him.

Look how fast his tail is going.

And these other two are of my friend Romeo. Romeo was my valentine, in case you didn't know that.

All these dogs live in my neighborhood!

I had to leave our canine soiree when I got a sticker in my paw. At first it was Romeo's guardian who noticed me limping. Lindy looked at my paw but she can't see anything. Romeo's guardian has better eyes and she is real sweet and she was gentle when she looked at my paw. I love her. But, she couldn't find anything wrong with it either. Romeo is lucky that his guardian has such good eyes, I'll tell you what.

Lindy picked me up and carried me all the way home. I liked that because I was the biggest dog ever when she did that. Really. I was big.

Lindy said she was going to put some cleanser on my paw but really it was just some cool water I think. She did put it on real careful though.

Then Lindy began hurting my paw! I didn't know why she would do that. My guardian before Lindy hurt me too so I was real scared that Lindy was getting into the bad habit of hurting me. I was really quite surprised that she would behave that way.

But, Lindy told me some things that I did not know. She said that sometimes guardians have to hurt their dog friends because eventually it makes them feel better. Since I did want my paw to feel better I got a little calmer and let her continue.

Then I felt a real sharp prick in my paw and all of a sudden it felt better. Lindy said, "Well, there, all done now." By which, of course, she meant "all finished." But, that's neither here nor there.

I think it was the painful little prick that healed me!

I spoke to Lindy about this later. She said that this is often the case. She even revealed that her guardian, that is THE Guardian, gives her paw a prick sometimes. She said that even though it dosen't feel good, it is good for her.

Then she gave me some ointment which, just for your information, should not be licked off.

Hoping all your paws are in good shape...




  • Hey, those are grrrrreat pictures! The fluffy dog is Bailey and the little human girl is Jade. My best pal, the chihuahua mix, is named Diego. He lives next to me with his human, Kim.

    Wasn't it fun when Jake came over to play too????

    I'm so glad your paw is okay. We were hoping you didn't get bit but anything. Once I got bit by something and it hurt for a long time. Plus I had to take pills and stuff. The pills made me thirsty and I peed all the time.

    Anyway, thanks for the pictures! I'll have to print some out for the neighbors!

    By Anonymous Romeo, neighborhood punk, at 11:53 AM  

  • Oh, thanks for clueing me in on the names. I should know better than to rely on Lindy for these things...

    Jake rocks, that's for sure. I hope I run into you around the neighborhood.



    By Blogger Rowan, at 3:43 PM  

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