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Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm Grounded

Dear Friends,

I have some very bad news. I won't be able to go outside and play for awhile. No swimming, no tree climbing, no fast running either. I am grounded for 45 days on account of my recent rabies exposure.

How it happened is that a few days ago a rabid bat had the temerity to fly into my apartment, right where me and Lindy live! I tried real hard to tell Lindy what was going on but she was doing her addiction of working and didn't pay attention to me. Eventually I persuaded her to move a piece of furniture out of my way so I could catch the bat.

I laid the bat right at Lindy's feet. She was characteristically unimpressed with my greatness but I felt real proud about it. The bat was all flappy and dopey I guess because it was not used to being awake in the middle of the day and also because it turned out to be sick. The little bat had rabies.

For me, I get to go see my very great and fun vet and get a booster shot and some treats from Doctor K and Laurie who love me very much. And I also have to stay inside and not be around my friends.

So, to my dog friends in Austin, you may see me around the yard. Don't be alarmed by the big stylish muzzle I am wearing. It is mainly for looks but also for protection. And, you can't come up to me and I won't go up to you either. Not even for a quick butt sniff.

And to my human friends, if you want to come over to my house be sure to call Lindy first so she can fluff the pillows in my kennel for me because that's where I'll be. No petting. Not even sugar. But, I do still love you all a lot and I'll make up for the kisses at the end of my 45 days.

Lindy gets to go to her vet too but she told me that they don't have treats there and she hardly gets petted at all. Man, am I ever glad to be a dog!

I hope everybody had a fun 45 days and I'll see you after I am cleared by the vet.




  • Oh, dear. Oh, my. Thanks for the full story. Praying for both you and Lindy! Hope those 45 days go fast!

    (Somebody in Austin go give Lindy some treats! It's not fair that she doesn't get them with her shots.)

    By Blogger DogBlogger, at 12:56 PM  

  • Lindy and Rowan---I never did like bats. I know they eat mosquitoes and stuff, but...really!

    I'm sorry for both of you. Jasper and I will be praying and sending good thoughts to both doggies and humans in your house.

    By Blogger Wormwood's Doxy, at 1:22 PM  

  • I have stopped by before after seeing your comments at Faith in Community and The Wounded Bird, but have never commented here.

    Right now I sit here with real tears in my eyes. You have such a brave outlook and attitude.

    I send so much doggie love, light and prayer to you Rowan and to Lindy too.

    Peace and healing. That dumb bat! I know you were drying hard to do the greatest thing.

    By Blogger FranIAm, at 1:48 PM  

  • Oh, Rowan, how sad that you are spending these 45 days in the house away from your friends, but how lucky you are to have a good Lindy to look after you and take you to get the shot, etc.

    And when it is over, you will not believe how fast the days went by.

    Dogs are lucky in that each day is a start over day!

    By Blogger susan s., at 4:02 PM  

  • Rowan, I feel your pain! People think being a dog is simple, especially protecting the family, but it can be dangerous messy work! Take care, and a virtual dog biscuit out to you!


    By Blogger clumber, at 5:50 PM  

  • Dear Rowan,

    Even though I am a cat, I talk to dogs, and I want you to know I am sending a meow of sympathy and distress. You are a brave dog! (And I am having fun on this here keyboard.)

    Purrs of peace,

    Maya Pavlova (keeper of Jane R the human)

    By Blogger Jane R, at 9:53 PM  

  • Oh poor dear Rowan!

    You were a very good boy to find that bat before it bit Lindy. I'm so sorry you have to go through the isolation thing. I'm quite sure you deserve lots and lots of extra treats.

    In a way, I had a similiar experience. Some years ago when I was riding by bicycle in the Hill Country, three homeless dogs decided that my ankles going round and round with the pedals looked like good chew toys. Since it was during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, the animal control people were not available to catch the dogs and give them booster shots and the isolation period.

    As I result I had to undergo a series of 28 rabies injections. A part of the story involves Austin too. I went up there to judge the UIL competition and had to make special arrangements to bring the rabies medication and have it administered there for several days.

    At the concluding judge's dinner the man in charge of the competition had to announce to every one present that he felt like he'd experienced everything now that he had to make arrangements for one of the judges to received rabies injections during the competition. I was seated with a lovely opera singer named Eleanor Steber at the dinner and was most embarrassed by the announcement.

    Not-Rabid Mike in Texas

    By Blogger Mike in Texas, at 4:04 AM  

  • Rowan, you know that Scout and I a praying for you right now just like you did for Scout. Be real nice to Lindy like you always are, okay?

    By Blogger Diane, at 5:54 AM  

  • We will pray for you during this time...and hope you have a big yard to hang out in...sigh...

    By Blogger mompriest, at 7:25 AM  

  • Ginger and I will be praying for you Rowan and for Lindy. We will pray that the time passes quickly and that you will be able to go play with all your friends as soon as your quarantine is over.

    By Blogger Marsha, at 9:28 AM  

  • Rowan, you can see how proud we are all of you and your bravery facing bats and your period of lying in. I am sure Laika and Kazan will add their prayers in heaven for you and Lndy to those of us on earth. Here is a big cyberhug, since that is the only kind we get to send right now.

    By Blogger Paul, at 9:55 AM  

  • Well, I want to thank everybody for the real swell comments you left on my blog and everything. I feel like a real fortunate dog, I’ll tell you what, to have so many friends both canine and human, and even one brave cat.

    Thanks for your great prayers dogblogger. Lindy agrees with you about the treats, btw.

    Wormwood’s Doxy and Jasper are right, bats really are useful little critters. It’s just that they do their best work OUTside. Hey, that’s not Peter Jasper is it?

    Thank you for your doggie love franIam. I love you too. You are right to note that I was trying my very best to be great because I know that God made me for greatness. This little set-back won’t discourage me at all. I believe that God was right on target when She made me and I know She expects me to continue on being the best dog I can be no matter what.

    Susan s. makes a very interesting point about dogs. We have a different perspective on the whole matter of… what is it again?… Time, I believe is what you humans call it. Humans are just about pathological in their obsession with it.

    Thanks Clumber, and biscuits to you too. It can be a real heavy burden sometimes caring for these humans but dogs like you and me soldier on.

    Dear Maya Pavlova, you must have a mighty big heart of kitty love to come all the way over here and talk to a mere dog. Thank you sweetie.

    Dear MikeM, I hope you know that not all dogs are like the ones you ran into. Most of us don’t bite at all. Lindy only has to have ten shots over thirty days.

    Thanks for writing in Diane. Me and Scout are prayer buddies, I’ll tell you what. I thought she looked real sweet in that photo. I am glad she’s feeling good again. Me and Lindy appreciate your prayers. And Scout's.

    Glad you stopped in Mompriest. Me and Lindy are doing lots of fun inside things like playing Hide And Go Seek. And I might even learn some great new tricks. I’ll let you know.

    Thanks Marsha and Ginger. Me and Lindy will take all the praying we can get. I’d give you a lick but…

    Thanks for noting my bravery Paul. I am a very brave and good dog. I love taking care of my guardian and I’ll take the consequences as they come. I’m a man dog after all.

    Me and Lindy are so grateful for your prayers and friendship. It means a lot to both of us that you stop by to say hello and woof out some encouragement, or meow it. Love ya Maya.

    Lindy says that if you have a little problem it is best just to handle it and keep right on loving God.

    In case you don't know there is a very bad angel out there named The Enemy who will try to get you to do anything except love God. And, he is very crafty so you have to watch out for him.

    But, of course, for me it's a no brainer. What could be more attractive, more alluring, that saying "Thank you God... Thank you for making me a dog, and thank you for making me brave and giving me an important job, and thank you for making me so beautiful... so very, very beautiful." I like to jump when I say that. There's a little penny-costal in all of us I guess. Except Lindy.

    If you are not jumping as high as you possibly can I hope you are at least praising God today. It'll keep your enemies away.



    By Blogger Rowan The Dog, at 2:17 PM  

  • Rowan,

    It's terrible that you have to be secluded from your friends for so long. But I explained to Chita what happened to you and she thinks you are very brave. I am very glad to hear you are able to stay home during your quarantine. I was afriad you would be confined to a cold and lonely cage at the vets office.

    Hugs and pats for you Rowan. I can't wait until you're free and I can give you lots of pats and liver treats. And good job on protecting your Lindy.


    By Blogger Marianne, at 8:48 PM  

  • Wow Rowan, I was away this weekend, so Maggie and I both got behind on our blog reading. She sends a woof of encouragment and I send lots of prayers for you and Lindy both that this will all pass quickly and things will get back to normal. You were so brave and wonderful (and of course beautiful as well). I am sad that this thing had to come into your life. I am impressed by your wonderful attitude. We can all learn from you about how to cope with our struggles.

    By Blogger RevDrKate, at 6:00 PM  

  • Bearcat and Ms Kitty send kittylove - 42 more days.

    By Blogger Ann, at 6:15 AM  

  • Oh Marianne, I also am looking forward to the day you come over and give me pats and liver treats. Only about 42 more days I think.

    Thank you for stopping in revdrkate. I am glad you noticed my bravery and beauty. I really am trying hard. Love to Maggie. -- Hey, did you know that my guardian reads your blog? And she reads Bearcat and Ms Kitty's guardian too.

    Special thanks to Bearcat and Ms Kitty for their kittylove. Only the bravest and dearest cats bother to come over to the blog of a mere dog. I appreciate it kitty friends. Meows to you.



    By Blogger Rowan The Dog, at 5:25 PM  

  • hi and mews, rowan--we just now read about the excitement on diane's blog and came right over here; we want you to know we'll all be praying and purraying for you. hugs and purrrs, leah, pumpkinmarigold, cruiser & alleymalibu

    By Blogger leah sophia, at 7:54 PM  

  • how's Rowan doing?

    By Blogger Dennis, at 11:12 PM  

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