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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Even Cats Need Love

Nicked from Ellie Finley's Child of Illusion Blog.

I wish humans would learn to love ALL the animals, not just the cute ones like me and Scout. Ugly dogs, and even cats, need love too. God made everything, and God loves everything, and since humans are supposed to be like God and everything... Well, I just don't understand why they don't love more. It seems like humans should love more. That's what we dogs think anyway.


  • Oh my - oh my... that breaks my heart but it is so true, isn't it?

    The sins of omission- forgive me for what I have done, forgive me Lord for what I have failed to do.


    By Blogger FranIAm, at 2:33 PM  

  • You are so right. I hope someone helped that poor little kitten.

    By Blogger Sharon, at 5:52 PM  

  • Yup. It's true. Even armadillos need love.

    Humans were given dominion over us but they aren't doing a very good job sometimes.


    By Anonymous Romeo, at 6:30 PM  

  • You are so right there, Rowan. I am going to hold the happy thought that whoever took this picture, picked up that kitty, took it home and loved it up.

    By Blogger Presbyterian Gal, at 7:24 PM  

  • I can't cuddle this kitty. So I think I'll go spend an hour at the animal shelter this weekend and brush a couple other kitties while I think about this one.

    By Blogger Marianne, at 11:33 AM  

  • (((kitty)))

    By Blogger DogBlogger, at 6:19 PM  

  • Humans can be so cruel. Would they want to be abandoned on the streets like that poor little kitty. That's why rescue is so important & why everybody should think about adoption or fostering.

    Did you see my post today?

    Love Mona

    By Blogger MONA AND THE MOMMY!, at 8:11 PM  

  • ((((yes kitty))))
    I wish I could take her home

    By Blogger Diane, at 8:57 PM  

  • I would never pass that kitten by. Last year 3 days after the Witch Fire in California destroyed my home I found a kitten in the middle of the road that survived the fire. I rescued that kitten from certain death. It is now a year old and living the good life with no memory of the horror of that october night.

    By Anonymous mycatwilatackyou, at 9:55 AM  

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