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Saturday, February 02, 2008

You will never in a million dog years guess who I saw at the store for Smart
Pets. Well, if you guessed Sherman The Tank the famous rabbit you could. That's right! I looked up and Sherman was right there in front of me. He couldn't give an autograph or anything on account of having paws and not knowing how to write. (Bunnies are not as smart as you might have heard.) But, he did let me sniff his ear. Sherman is a real swell fellow and he was easy to hang out with. Just a regular bunny.

I hope that you get to hang out with a celebrity bunny sometime because it really is fun.



  • That looks like a lot of fun, hanging out with a fomous bunny! I don't know about him, so mom is going to find some information about him for me.

    By Anonymous Rusty, at 4:30 AM  

  • Good job sniffing. You know me... I would have sniffed and then EATEN. Mmmm..... delicious rabbit!

    I don't know if we told you, but I was very sick with pancreatitis. The vet gave me shots and took lots of blood and I had to take nasty pills.... but I'm feeling all better. I think that's why I was grumpy with you last week. The next morning I started throwing up BLOOD! Yikes. It was not good.

    Anyway, all better now! (As you saw when I was walking with Diego yesterday.)

    Have a great sunshiney weekend!


    By Anonymous Romeo, at 2:38 PM  

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