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Sunday, December 30, 2007

These are a couple of real great photos showing me doing some of my work. One of my main jobs is when Lindy leaves the car, I am in total charge of it. It's a very responsible job and I have to be on high alert during it, unless I take a nap. You can see that I am a little dozy in the top shot. Lindy doesn't mind when I nap... as long as I keep the car protected.

I hope that your job is going along real good, like mine. And I hope you get to take naps too!



  • rowan, you are awesome. You are so good at your job!

    I think you might just make Scout jealous.

    By Blogger Diane, at 1:43 PM  

  • O Diane, doggies don't get jealous. When we find somedog we admire a lot we just tell them how great they are so that they can wiggle and be happy. All us dogs are great in our own ways on account of being made just right by THE Guardian.

    The problem with humans is that they are SO aware of all their very many little shortcomings and they think that they are so important that God really cares about their sins. So, they try to make it so that they are better than the other humans so that God will like them more and give them extra treats. If you could really get inside a human brain, I think that is what you would find. Even smart humans. Especially religious ones.

    It's the knowledge of their faults is what makes them jealous of each other. They are jealous of people whom they perceive to have less faults. I think that is silly. Most humans are kind of faulty. But, dogs and God love them anyway.

    God and dog's don't care about sin so much. It's more like the way you and Lindy want to be close with me and Scout, that is all God wants from the humans. God would rather snuggle up with you than talk about your sins.

    Dogs know this. That's why we don't get jealous.

    I love you Diane. And I am real proud of Scout for getting a blog.

    Your pal,


    By Blogger Rowan The Dog, at 4:19 PM  

  • thanks Rowan! we posted a couple of pictures of Scout in the snow over at her blog!

    First time for that.

    By Blogger Diane, at 5:24 PM  

  • Rowan, you are the cutest ever. Holy cow, you are just too adorable for words AND good at your job too.

    By Blogger FranIAm, at 6:36 PM  

  • Wow, this is some pretty amazing Protectioning! And how alert you look, sitting there in the car!

    Woof! Woof! you are the best.

    So much Love and Gravy,

    I miss my mommy who is in Phoenix (East Fresno) and I hope she comes home soon.

    By Blogger Grendel, at 6:46 PM  

  • Good job! Hey, I wanted to tell your our relatives from Austin are in town to visit us for Christmas. It made us think of our blogging friend from Austin.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

    By Blogger Kapp pack, at 9:51 PM  

  • Hey there Rowan. I love that I was featured on your blog. I'm glad you posted that pic of my human with her pink towel on her head. It just reminds us all that humans are weird.

    I had a great old time in California. I'll get a slideshow posted on my blog sometime this week. Diego's visiting and we're gonna have a slumber party tonight so I'd better get going. Just wanted to wish y'all a happy new year!


    By Blogger Bionic Aimee, at 2:59 PM  

  • Hey, thanks a whole bunch for that Romeo Baby... I am glad you are back in the neighborhood. Have a rip-roaring, tail-wagging good time at your party.

    Happy New Year Kapp Pack!

    Hang in there Grendel. Your mommy will be home soon.

    I think you are cute too Fran. That's you in the picture, right? WooF!

    O Diane, I wish I could play with you and Scout in the snow. Scout said there are things under there. Verrrry innarestin.

    Love everybody,


    By Blogger Rowan The Dog, at 5:13 PM  

  • hey rowan! it's really cold where i am and I could not ride in the car like that! it would be fun to ride with you, though! woof woof! hope to see you someday!

    By OpenID scoutdog, at 7:10 PM  

  • Rowan,

    Not only are you a first rate car protector, you are also a good preacher!

    Happy New Year to you and Lindy.


    By Blogger Presbyterian Gal, at 12:04 AM  

  • Hi Presbyterian Gal. Thanks for noticing my great car protecting skills as well as my very good woofing. I am trying to get Lindy to actually believe all the things I woof about. She is willing to type out my sermons but she lacks faith that THE Guardian really does just want to snuggle up with her. Religion is hard for her.

    O Scout, I know we would have a good time if we could play together. When Lindy came in this morning the first thing she told me was that it's very cold where you are and I told her we have to woof some prayers that you and Diane are snug and warm. It's about 25 degrees here and that seems real cold to us. I am going to go get in my new bed and take a nap.



    By Blogger Rowan The Dog, at 6:45 AM  

  • i posted my super fun vacation photos on my myspace page. just click on "pics"

    see you around the 'hood!

    By Anonymous Romeo, at 3:01 PM  

  • Hey cutie! I just came by to say hello to you Rowan!

    Please tell Lindy that I appreciate that she comes over to read my blog and then leaves such great comments.

    That Lindy- she's the best. You are both lucky to heave each other.

    By Blogger FranIAm, at 7:10 PM  

  • Your a great protector. You look so frightening in that car. No burglar would dare come near it...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

    By Blogger Gus and Louie, at 9:30 AM  

  • came back just to look at Rowan's awesome picture! pets for you Rowan.

    By Blogger Diane, at 3:36 PM  

  • Oh Rowan! You were meant to do that career! You are a natural!~

    I love your halter! Its looks great on you..any chance you'll get to drive next time?

    Love & Licks,

    By Blogger Randi, at 1:56 PM  

  • hope you get your car back soon...

    By Anonymous Romeo, at 8:17 PM  

  • Thanks Fran, I'll tell Lindy. Despite the fact that Grendel probably gets more gravy than I do I still think Lindy's pretty great.

    Kisses back to you Gus and Louie. Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks for those pets Diane. I hope you are having a fun time on your vacation and that you are so happy you can't stop wiggling.

    I probably won't be doing any driving Randi. I don't totally understand how it works but I think you have to be able to do stuff with your feet and I can't reach down there to the pedals. Someone should do something about that.

    Thanks Romeo buddy. I am not allowed to go in the rental car. Lindy says that the way things have been going lately It's a good thing we have a sense of humor. I don't know what that is but I've been looking around for it. It's got to be here somewhere because Lindy said we have it.

    I love everyone. I want to show you all pictures of my very great Christmas presents but, as you know, I have to get Lindy on board with that project before it's going to happen. Wish me luck with that.

    Your friend,


    By Blogger Rowan The Dog, at 1:58 PM  

  • YOu are a super car protector!!!!! I hope you get paid in lots of treats.

    Frenchie Snorts

    By Blogger Balboa & Mommy, at 5:00 PM  

  • Rowan I was so glad to see you comment on the creationism post.

    You are one very smart dog indeed.

    And so darn cute you make me weak in the knees Rowan!

    By Blogger FranIAm, at 5:20 PM  

  • Rowan, you are tagged. My good dog friend, do this only if you want to.

    By Blogger Grandmère Mimi, at 10:18 AM  

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