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Monday, December 24, 2007

Last might my guardian pulled me up close to her in the chair and in a very serious tone she said, "Look little buddy, I have some news that might disappoint you," and I put up my ears because I couldn't imagine what might be next. Then she told me the very bad news that my church is not having a blessing for dogs this year and nobody dressed up like Jesus is going to come out and give me a treat and say a prayer about how good I am.

This is pretty bad news, I'll tell you what. I mean, I just wanted my blessing that's all. Is that asking so much? I was pretty disappointed...

Then I saw this:

My very good pal, Paul, sent me this very special blog blessing. It is just for good dogs like me! I got up in my desk chair, which is right beside Lindy's, and she and I looked at it together. She read some real swell things that Paul said about me. I'll tell you what, I felt so good about that that I started wiggling all over and Lindy had to give me a treat to calm me down.

So, this is one of those pass-along blessings and I want to pass it on to some of my very swell friends:

Ms. Elizabeth, who has a dog but not a blog, because she takes care of my guardian even when I can't.

Scout because she has overcome a lot this year and yet she is still smiling. Plus, she's just so pretty.

because he came to see me on all my days of unfortunate quarantinement and cheered me up by getting his guardian to hold him up to the window so we could bark at each other. You know, you don't really know who your real friends are until you're in quarantine. Thanks Romeo.

I am such a blessed little dog, I'll tell you what. There are a lot of others, humans and dogs, I want to bless because of them coming over to my blog and saying how great I am and everything. I love you all and I hope you gets lots of toys and treats for Christmas and that all your dreams come true.



  • Scout says thanks for the blessing and all of the compliments! She will pass it along...

    By Blogger Diane, at 1:57 PM  


    And Rowan, I think you and Grendel and Scout and ALL the dogs are really living breathing prayers, each and every one of you!!

    By Blogger FranIAm, at 3:19 PM  

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