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Friday, January 11, 2008

I Got Tagged By Grandmère Mimi

Yea! I got tagged by a human which, as you probably know, is a real big deal for us dogs. I feel so proud and happy that I have human friends who are interested in my dog life. Plus, Grandmère Mimi is real famous in the blog world so that makes it even more special.

So, here goes:

Grandmère Mimi who is a very nice human tagged me.

- Link to the person that tagged you. (done)
- Post the rules on your blog. (done)
- Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. (done)
- Tag six people and at the end of your post, link to their blogs. (done)
- Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I like the way that sunshine feels on my fur.

2. When Lindy reads to me, I don't really listen. Especially if it's poetry.

3. I like dog food pretty well. But, I would really prefer it if I could eat just treats.

4. I chew the fur on my tail. I mean, I chew it OFF even though I know Lindy wishes I wouldn't.

5. One of my favorite hobbies is going through Lindy's trash because sometimes there is a little treat inside. I do this even though I know Lindy wishes I wouldn't.

6. I can lick my own weiner. Again, Lindy wishes I wouldn't.

I tag Scout, Cub, Balboa, Maggie, Our Lady of the Gravy and Poet Laureate Grendel, (not sure about tagging humans, but I'll do it) Doxy.

My tagged friends, do this only if you really, really want to do it. Whatever.


  • Rowan, these are the best answers to a meme evah! You did great!

    You do need to listen to Lindy and stop chewing the hair off your tail. That sounds a little obsessive. Ask Lindy what that means. Anyway, it's not good.

    About the trash. Ya gotta quit that, too, Rowan. It makes a mess and gives your guardian unnecessary work.

    As for licking your weiner, I'd be inclined to cut you some slack there. If you could not do it in public or when Lindy has company, it could be OK. But that's just my opinion.

    Thanks so much for doing this, Rowan. All things considered, you are a good dog - and a great memer.

    By Blogger Grandmère Mimi, at 4:13 PM  

  • Dear Grandmère Mimi,

    Lindy doesn't know what I do in the privacy of my own kennel. Know what I mean?



    By Blogger Rowan The Dog, at 4:36 PM  

  • Maggie here, Hey Rowan, thanks for tagging me...I will do the me-me as soon as RDK has time to let me at that laptop! i really really like your blog and I am so glad you are free at last.

    By Blogger RevDrKate, at 5:13 PM  

  • Rowan, you little scamp! I adore you and I am very deeply fond of that Lindy too! Does she help you type sometimes?

    These are great answers.

    Grandmere tagged me too but I am soooooooo
    to do it!

    By Blogger FranIAm, at 6:38 PM  

  • Hey Rowan... kinda off the subject but I need some help from you and Lindy.

    You see, there's something really bad going on in our Aunt Sandy's family. She's not really our aunt, but she's just like family. Anyway, something really bad is going on and she & her family need lots and lots of prayer. She's got three yorkies, too. They all need as much prayer as we can hold up for them.

    Thanks, pal. I just know I can turn to you.

    Have a super weekend.


    By Anonymous Sir Romeo, at 7:46 PM  

  • Scout will be over to speak for herself, but I'm sure she is honored to be tagged!

    very interesting facts

    By Blogger Diane, at 8:07 PM  

  • Ooh, Romeo, I hope everything's okay with your Aunt Sandy's family. Prayer for her going up right now.

    Rowan, I played the tag!

    By Blogger DogBlogger, at 8:10 PM  

  • Thanks for tagging me, Rowan! I have complied.

    Your #6 inspired a coughing fit of epic proportions...


    By Blogger Wormwood's Doxy, at 6:20 AM  

  • Great answers, Rowan!

    By Blogger Kirstin, at 8:07 AM  

  • Thanks Kristen. I hope you get some shoes. Humans are not as suited to going barefoot as dogs.

    Thanks Doxy. You are a real swell human, I'll tell you what.

    Good job Cub! I wish I could chew on that stick of yours.

    Thanks for clicking over Diane. I wag my little golden tail for you. Licks and sniffs to Scout.

    Of course you can turn to me Romeo, that's what dogs are for. Lindy too.

    Fran, we are real fond of you too. I want to lick you. Lindy's not so keen on that but I want to real bad.

    I understand about the guardian thing Maggie. Whenever you get around to it sweet girl.

    I love everybody and I am glad that you come to my blog.


    By Blogger Rowan The Dog, at 6:54 PM  

  • Hi Rowan...Maggie here, I played the Me-Me over here. It was fun! Thanks for asking me. RDK helped me put up a new picture of me too.

    By Blogger RevDrKate, at 5:46 AM  

  • wow, thanks for tagging me, I can't wait to post on my blog.

    I love the sunshine on me too AND I'm a trash eater too, hee hee

    Frenchie Snorts

    By Blogger Balboa & Mommy, at 6:35 AM  

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