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Monday, August 08, 2005

Looking back...

Guess what Lindy said?
She said that she met one of my human friends from the shelter today. I don’t know which friend it was. I had so many and they all loved me.

Sometimes I think back on my days at the shelter. Of course, I remember it fondly. There were so many nice people taking care of me. I felt like the center of attention.

I was really lucky to have all those people loving me and taking care of me before Lindy found me. I don’t know what took her so long.

Little Scarlet is still here. She is a pretty little bitch but she doesn’t do much.

Lindy is “working” a lot this week. That’s the excuse she uses for not taking me to the lake or to the Farmer’s Market or someplace. She does play ball with me in the evening but it’s not the same as spending the whole day with her. She is all full of big promises though.

I hope you are doing more playing than “working”… Yeah, right.




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