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Monday, February 09, 2009

My good friend Scout got blogged about by her guardian yesterday. There's a picture of her and everything. Scout is a good dog. That's Scout in the photo over there on the left.

Me and my guardian watched the Westminster Kennel Club on Tee Vee tonight. We only watched a little bit of it on account of Lindy having to go do some other stuff. I can't imagine what could have been more important. And, I thought she could at least have left the Tee Vee on for me so I could watch. But, whatever. I curled up in her chair and watched her type instead. Not quite as exciting as the hearding dog competition.

I was wondering, though, which category I could compete in. So, I asked Lindy about it. She was non-committal. Just told me I was the best dog in the world and to go back to sleep. But, clearly, I am not the best dog in the world because I am not on Tee Vee and getting awards and everything. I do have a certificate saying that I am blessed. Ms. Fran and Erica gave me that. And, of course, I still have my golden star that Romeo gave me. Those are real special and I have them both on the wall near my kennel.

But, I have a suspicion that I am not like the dogs on the Westminster Kennel Club Tee Vee show. Lindy said that there should be a category for dogs that give love, another for bishop dogs, and another for dogs that make you laugh. She said I would win all of those, except maybe for bishop which I would like to share with +Clumber and +Airedale. They're my bishop buddies.

Me and Lindy did notice that there was an Airedale dog on the Westminster Kennel Club Tee Vee show. But, it didn't appear to be wearing a miter so I think it was just a regular Airedale, not an actual bishop.

And we saw a French Bulldog too. But, it wasn't even half as pretty as Balboa. Even Lindy said that.

But, back to my existential crises. I don't know where I fit in. There are several breeds that I might be part of. But, only part. Sometimes I wish I were a more better well bred kind of dog. Once I asked Lindy what kind of dog I was and she said "the best kind." But, I didn't see that category on the Westminster Kennel CLub Tee Vee show. I think she just made it up.

These movie star dogs make me feel insecure. I kind of want to growl at them. They are too pretty, too perfect, and too damned well behaved. They make me feel plain and ordinary. Yet, I am fascinated by them. I want to be like them, ribbons and all, pretty fur, and all that fame and glory.

But, tonight, as I was laying on Lindy's good pink blanket, the one I am not really supposed to be on, I thought about the things I do have. Love for one. And my guardian. And I feel so happy when I hear her voice or when she laughs. She thinks I am the best, so why should I care about that fellow on Tee Vee? He's not the one who feeds me.

My plain and ordinary life is pretty good, I'll tell you what. I get to do all my favrite things whenever I want. Pretty much, anyway. I wag and wiggle, bark and run. I have lots of toys and I can jump real high. And my guardian plays with me and talks to me everyday. So, even if I'm not the fanciest dog around, I am probably the most blessed. Except a'course for Scout who gets to play in snow.

Hope you're feeling special and loved, even if you're not on Tee Vee,



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