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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello Blog Friends. As you may well imagine, I have been very busy doing my important duties and napping. It seems like there is no end to my responsibilities.

In the area of the backyard, the cheeky squirrel continues to torment me and my guardians with incessant running and jumping from branch to branch. It's as it we are being taunted by our own inability to climb trees and fly through the air. Still, I remain confident that THE Guardian has given me all the resources I need to do my important jobs, and Lindy seems to be pleased with me even though I am mainly Earth bound.

I continue with the hole digging project near the big tree. So far I have four nice holes in which I can stick my whole torso. Two of the holes join one another and I can almost wiggle myself from one hole to the other. Just a little more to go on that.

I recently visited Uncle Rusty's Beach House to see the construction efforts. It looks like I will have completed my hole to China before the beach house is finished. Still, it is slow going after a hurricane and everyone in Surfside is trying to get their houses back in order. Everybody says Surfside is going to be better than ever, even Lindy says so. And you know she's usually more pessimistic about things.

And, finally, here is a picture of me taking a rest with my pillow. Technically, for those of you technically inclined, that chair belongs to Lindy. And I do have to let her sit in it whenever she wants. But, mainly, it's my chair and my pillow. I have taken many good naps curled up here.

I hope you all are doing well with your very important duties. Remember, there are no small jobs, only small dogs. And, after you've done your duties and had a nap, be sure to do some very important playing. It keeps the universe happy.


Your good friend,

and a good dog,

who has lots of fun,



  • Oh, dear +Rowan, what a fine dog you are and how diverse and plentiful are your activities! No wonder you need to sit on Lindy's chair. And what's that cute outfit with buttons you are wearing? Of course we like you dressed just in your fur, but that vest is rather handsome.

    Thank you for being such a great model of how to live! +Maya is napping right now but if she were awake she would join me in sending lots of love and gratitude. You know she has immense respect for you. You are a true teacher of Playing for us all. Would that more bishops were like you.

    By Blogger Jane R, at 10:15 AM  

  • Dear Rowan,
    Yesterday Tucker had on the TV and I suddenly realized that Wishbone was on! Do you like Wishbone? I like him a lot - I thought of you while I watched him. But you are much more handsome.
    I am glad I saw this post. I was already thinking of writing you but this gave me the perfect opportunity.
    Keep us steady, Rowan. Thank you.
    Blessings to you and your beloved guardian.
    Doggie licks from Jak and Theo.

    By Blogger Barbi Click, at 3:00 PM  

  • We love you a lot Rowan!
    Fran and Erica!!

    By Blogger FranIAm, at 5:43 PM  

  • It's nice that you and Lindy know about sharing.

    Scout says "hi" and she hopes that she gets to meet you someday.

    She likes sharing too....

    By Blogger Diane, at 7:12 PM  

  • Dear Mr. Jane,

    You are certainly a human being, and a very smart one too. You are right to say that more bishops should be like me.

    I'll never issue silly statements about the economy when there's so much to say about playing. I try to stay on message and also only talk about things I actually understand.

    Plus, you will notice that I do playing as much as I talk about playing. I think some of the human bishops are talking about economic belt-tightening but they aren't really doing it. That seems pretty inauthentic to me. But, that's just me.

    Please give my apostolic regards to the lovely and talented +Maya. Me and Lindy really appreciate her intelligence and the very good work she does in the college of quadrapedal bishops.


    Your friend,


    By Blogger Lindy, at 8:28 PM  

  • Dear Ms. Barbi, I don't know who Wishbone is but I am glad that you do. Give Jak and Theo some butt sniffs for me and... well, Lindy said maybe to nix the butt sniffs. Not sure why. So, just tell them I said WOOF!

    Dear Ms. Diane, I wish I could share with you and Scout. I would even share my treats. I think you are a real great human and a real good dog guardian too. Lindy told me that you are always asking the good questions which is something we admire quite a lot. Maybe someday I can bark at you in person.

    I love you both and am glad to be your friend and bishop,

    +Rowan, Playing

    By Anonymous Rowan The Dog, Bishop of Playing, at 8:32 PM  

  • Ftifa and Ruby, the moglets, send purrs and licks to you, +Rowan, all the way from chilly England, and thank you from the bottoms of their furry hearts for your wise and profound teaching on the vital, and sadly neglected, discipline of Playing. Ftifa's four little kittens, who are up on their feet by now, already seem to understand something of the importance of the subject...

    By Blogger MikeF, at 12:02 AM  

  • Dear +Rowan,

    You are a true blessing to the Church , to your pal Lindy, and to all of us as well!

    You clearly understand digging holes! Can you share some advice with me on how I should get out of the hole I've dug for myself with Mimi?


    By Blogger +clumber, at 4:23 AM  

  • Rowan, thy tongue sticketh out in Picture the Firste; tis unbecoming, kind Canine.

    First In Manners,
    Lord Percy

    By Anonymous Percy Bisque Silley, at 12:41 PM  

  • A'course, MikeF, the desire to play is as inborn as the desire for treats. I am glad the little kitties are gettign the hang of it. But, you know that when they are grown I am going to chase them.

    Well, +Clumber, my brother bishop. I don't really know what to tell you. Me and Lindy thought all your postings were pretty hilarious. Just try giving her the remorseful eyes and see if that gets you anywhere.

    Percy, I have to stick my tongue out to help me cool down from all my busy playing. I know that probably real fancy dogs don't do that much but for me it's a necessity. Fortunately my tongue is very long.

    By Anonymous Rowan The Dog, Bishop of Playing, at 12:50 PM  

  • My wonderful friend Rowan, if I may address you so boldly since I think I knew you back before you became a bishop, it is always a joy to have reports from you with all their apostolic encouragement in doing the right thing - including naps and especially play, your own charism. You remain a handsome and inspiring bishop.

    Your two-legged chum,

    By Blogger Paul, at 7:56 PM  

  • Dear Paul, I am happy to be addressed informally by all the creatures in the Diocese of Playing. So, you can either call me Your Grace, or you can call me Rowan.
    Just don't call me late for dinner.

    Your buddy,


    By Anonymous Rowan The Dog, Bishop of Playing, at 7:59 PM  

  • Hi Rowan!
    I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately but my Mum and my brother Scooby have been hogging the laptop fur his new business and blog He is still looking fur pups to follow his blog (even if they are not single) to help spread the word about these pups Lookin' Fur Love.
    So now I am spending today stopping by ALL my friends blogs and saying Hi :) and catching up on all your news.
    Big licks to you

    By Blogger Suzuki, at 4:13 AM  

  • Bishop Rowan,it is wonderful to see you taking such interest in Millenium Development Goals like digging to China. You also appear to be doing an excellent job supervising the work on the beach house. Keep up the good work, and don't forget to play!

    By Blogger Kirkepiscatoid, at 12:36 PM  

  • just came back to look at the pictures again! It's always good to know there is a Bishop of Playing...

    By Blogger Diane, at 9:16 AM  

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