It's A Dog's Life

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Well, today was really great. Lindy took me to work with her in the morning. I rode nicely in the car and barely put my head out the window at all. Manly because Lindy strapped me in pretty good. I don’t know why but she does not like it when I get out of my harness and go looking around at stuff. I mean, if you weren’t supposed to wriggle out of the harness, why does it have that little bit of elastic at the top? Sometimes she just doesn’t get it.

So, anyways… after working we went to the lake and I helped Lindy work on her throwing. She practices throwing balls in the lake and I retrieve them for her. It’s important work because I don’t think Lindy can swim quite as fast as me. And, have you ever seen her throw? She does need the practice.

The water level in the lake is low so there are large swaths of kind of boggy ground in some places. One time, when Lindy threw the ball all the way to the other side of the lake, I almost got stuck in the boggy mud. I was pretty scared. But, when Lindy saw that I was scared she came out and got me. She got mud on her new pants too which I thought was funny. I just jumped and jumped, that’s how dogs laugh you know. Of course the mud just comes right off my fur but Lindy has to put her fur, sometimes called pants, in a special machine. It’s not real fur. Don’t tell anyone this but underneath Lindy’s fur, she is totally bald!

Sometimes I had to go around the boggy mud, or just tough it out and go right on through it, to get to my ball. I succeeded every time. This one time, Lindy said “Oh well, I guess we’ve finally lost that ball for good…” And she promised to get me a new one and everything. But, I didn’t give up. I kept trying to work an angle on getting that ball back and you know what? I finally did. Lindy was so proud of me she laughed right out loud. She said I was the best dog ever and that she was proud of me. That’s when I posed for these photos. You know, to capture the moment.

You can kind of see the mud on my paws in this one.

This is where Lindy tells me she is proud of me. I like hearing that. I do not really know what proud means but it feels good to me when Lindy says it. Like I can fly.

Here's another shot of Lindy being proud of me.

Lindy is back doing her “work” now. I don’t know what “work” is either but I do not give it quite the same priority that Lindy does. I'll try to get her attention long enough to get her to post this for me. I think it's terribly unjust that I don't have my own computer but hey... whadda ya gonna do?

Hope you aren’t getting stuck in any mud.