It's A Dog's Life

Monday, June 09, 2008

I've Been To The Ranch

Well, as you can see from these real great photos I've been out to The Ranch. It's where my Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Ted live and it's where I go to play.

Of course, I have some duties that I perform when I'm there. If I don't keep a close watch on things the deer and all kinds of other kritters will try to come into our territory. Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Ted really appreciate me doing my duties. But, on this day I was just playing.

These pictures were taken on a special day. It's called Memorial Day and it's the day we remember all the working dogs who have given themselves in service to humanity. It's important to remember those things.

On this day I ran real fast and showed off for the humans. I also swam in the swimming pool and I chased my balls. Aunt Jeanne had special treats for me too! It was a fun day.

I hope you had a fun day on Memorial Day too.