It's A Dog's Life

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lindy is busy making something that is called a fabulous Mariana sauce. It's some kind of human food, that's all I know. While lindy is making things in the kitchen, I thought I'd grab my chance on the computer to tell you all about my swell day. It was a hum-dinger. I'll tell you what.

It started out pretty boring because Lindy won't let me go to work with her unless the weather is just right. So I had to stay at home. But after awhile some men came in. I barked and barked at them but they didn't pay any attention to me so I figured I'd better go get Lindy. I ran right out the door, past all my friend's houses, across the street and into the shopping center. Lindy wasn't there so I took off down the street. It's called One Eighty Three. There were lots of pretty cars there but I didn't see mine. I just kept running. It was fun being out there with all those nice people. They honked their horns at me to be nice and everything. I knew that Lindy might be far away so I ran real fast. But, I guess she knew I was looking for her because in a minute I saw my car coming down the street to get me. Lindy called out to me but I was having so much fun that I hardly noticed her. I intended to go right over to her to tell her about the men. But, I wanted to check under some bushes first. After that I went over to Lindy and she grabbed me and held on to me real tight. She said, "What are you doing out here, Rowan?" But, since I can't talk English, I couldn't answer her. My neighbor friend, he is a human, was in the parking lot too. He was trying to get me to go back home because I guess he didn't know about the men. He is a nice man, just uninformed apparently. Lindy offered him a ride home and everything on account of him being a nice man I guess. Also, Lindy told me that he protects the country which I imagine is a pretty big job. So, he is very important as well as being a nice human. So, when we got home the men were still there. All Lindy had to say about it though was "Thank you" and stuff like that because I guess she wanted them to bring in that black thing that goes over the stove. It's called a microwave and what you can do is get your humans to push some buttons on it and your kibble will get warm for you. Pretty nice. I didn't know about that. I guess if I had had more information I could have made better decisions. I talked to Lindy about this later. She said that she didn't know the men were coming either and she agreed that information is important if you want to make good decisions. To be perfectly frank, I think that lindy is kind of mad with me. Well, she said that she was. But, she knows that I did the best that I could given my limited information.

Anyway, it's good to be back home. I took a long nap on the couch and I feel better now.

I hope you are having some exciting times too. But, before you do anything, get plenty of information first. Just my advice.



Friday, March 16, 2007

Dogs In The 'Hood

Yesterday Lindy and me went walking around in the parking lot and a lot of dog friends were out there. It was really cool.

This pretty little black and white dog looks like a princess because she has long fur and her ear fur is real flowy. It's pretty neat.

That little girl is her guardian. The sunglasses are Lindy's.

I forgot the name of this little dog. He is very spunky, though. I like him.

Look how fast his tail is going.

And these other two are of my friend Romeo. Romeo was my valentine, in case you didn't know that.

All these dogs live in my neighborhood!

I had to leave our canine soiree when I got a sticker in my paw. At first it was Romeo's guardian who noticed me limping. Lindy looked at my paw but she can't see anything. Romeo's guardian has better eyes and she is real sweet and she was gentle when she looked at my paw. I love her. But, she couldn't find anything wrong with it either. Romeo is lucky that his guardian has such good eyes, I'll tell you what.

Lindy picked me up and carried me all the way home. I liked that because I was the biggest dog ever when she did that. Really. I was big.

Lindy said she was going to put some cleanser on my paw but really it was just some cool water I think. She did put it on real careful though.

Then Lindy began hurting my paw! I didn't know why she would do that. My guardian before Lindy hurt me too so I was real scared that Lindy was getting into the bad habit of hurting me. I was really quite surprised that she would behave that way.

But, Lindy told me some things that I did not know. She said that sometimes guardians have to hurt their dog friends because eventually it makes them feel better. Since I did want my paw to feel better I got a little calmer and let her continue.

Then I felt a real sharp prick in my paw and all of a sudden it felt better. Lindy said, "Well, there, all done now." By which, of course, she meant "all finished." But, that's neither here nor there.

I think it was the painful little prick that healed me!

I spoke to Lindy about this later. She said that this is often the case. She even revealed that her guardian, that is THE Guardian, gives her paw a prick sometimes. She said that even though it dosen't feel good, it is good for her.

Then she gave me some ointment which, just for your information, should not be licked off.

Hoping all your paws are in good shape...



Sunday, March 11, 2007

This is a photo of a new friend I made at the lake which is in the town, it's sometimes called Town Lake for short.

Her name is Scratcher. She's a nice little bitch but, and this is kind of sad, I don't think she can swim. I heard some dachshunds were like that.

But, she is pretty and I like her. Her guardian is a real cowgirl, which is a lot better than whatever Lindy is. I don't think Lindy has any cows at all.

Hope you are all having a fun weekend.



Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Well, I had a great day today, I'll tell you what. I got to go to work with Lindy all afternoon. We went to this cool gas station and I got a treat. Pretty nice.



Sunday, March 04, 2007

Here are some more great shots of me. In these pictures I am just hanging around in the yard.

This is how I walk when I want to look cool.

Here is a shot of me with my plants. They feel happy when Lindy puts water on them. Go figure.

And this last one just shows how good I look. It's my favorite.

Alright, I hope everyone had a great weekend.



Thursday, March 01, 2007

These are some photos that Lindy snapped of me recently. We agree that they are all good shots and that they show off my handsomness pretty well.

In this first shot I am on my way to the store for SmartPets. You can see that have my fur brushed nicely and I'm ready to go.

In this next one I am just standing in the yard. But, don't I look good?

And here is a photo of my dog jewlery. It's a special tag to remind me that Lindy loves me a lot because of me being such a super dog and everything. It even says "Good Dog" right on the jewlery.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you are feeling as handsome as I am!