It's A Dog's Life

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Today was another fun day for me!

First, Lindy took me to the lake where I chased ducks and swam after balls. Also, I ran.

Here is a picture of me all wrapped up in my car blanket after getting out of the lake. It’s soft.

The “car blanket,” as Lindy euphemistically calls it, is really just an old blanket. There’s nothing about it that makes it especially appropriate for the car. Lindy’s just like that. But, “car blanket” does sound nicer.

Then, after that, I got to go play with my new friend Jake. Jake is a big dog, as you can see. He’s a good pal, though.

Here’s a picture of me and Jake running together.

And here is a picture of me and Jake enjoying a good old roasted pig ear.

I had never had a real pig ear before. Lindy gives me soy ears because they are better for my tummy and because it’s kind of mean to eat pigs. I mean, no pig has ever tried to eat me so I don’t see why I should try to eat one of them. That pig’s ear was pretty tasty, though, I’ll tell you what.

After all that we went by to see some of Lindy’s friends which was really boring. But when that ordeal was over we went to the Sonic!

What a Sonic is, you see, is it’s a special place where you can drive your car in and they will bring you treats. All you have to do is push a special button which Lindy does for me because… Well, everybody needs to feel useful sometimes.

This is a picture of me with one of my friends from Sonic.

Two different people brought me Milk Bone treats. Lindy got a soda because I don’t think she likes Milk Bones too much.

So, that’s the account of my very fun day. I hope you had a fun day too!