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Monday, January 15, 2007

You all know by now that Lnidy got a new camera for Christmas. So, here are a few shots of me in my new winter coat. The temperature here is about 32-33 degrees. Lindy said she was hoping for a little bit of snow for me to play in but we didn't get that. She said it's just as well since these crazy Texan's don't know how to drive in snow anyway.

I had fun posing in my new coat. I feel that I am being completely unbiased when I say that I do look good in these shots.

This is a special shot of me and my guardian, Lindy. She did this by holding me in one arm and the camera with the other one stretched out as far as it would go. I am not partinularly fond of this method.

I hope you are having a good winter.



Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What I Really Do When Lindy's Not Home

Here is a nice photo of me taking a little snooze with one of my many favorite toys.

Lindy has a big red couch which is just especially for dogs to take naps on. Sometimes Lindy sits on it too but, mainly, it is for me and my toys. This is what I do while she's out working.



Rowan Has a Fun Morning

Well, It has been another fun day for me, I'll tell you what. For one thing, I got to go to work with Lindy first thing this morning. And on the way home she took me to see my old friend Bear. I haven't seen him in awhile so it was a real treat. What Bear and I like to do is to chase one another around the back yard and sometimes growl at each other a little bit. It'a pretty fun. You can see some pictures of it here:

As you can see, I had to get a little growly in one.

After that I got to go down to the boat ramp and I met a new friend there. It's this white dog.

We see that dog out there sometimes but Lindy doesn't like for me to hang out with dogs that might not have had their vaccinations or stuff. She does it for my own good.

After the white dog wandered away Lindy found a big stick and threw it in the water. Of course, I swam out to get it for her. Bless her human heart... she loves to throw but apparenty can't swim.

At least she can take pictures to document my mighty swimming prowress. Hey, "proweress..." pretty big word for a dog, don't you think?

Overall, I think that I look pretty good in these shots.

I sure did have a swell morning, I'll tell you what. For this afternoon, I am hoping just to curl up with my toy and take a nice nap while Lindy goes out to get some Milk Bone Money.



Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rowan Goes To The Lake

Today Lindy took me to the lake that is in the town, sometimes called Town Lake. She thought I needed to have a little fun. I like going to the lake but I was glad that I didn't have to get in the boat. It's scary.

Uncle Rusty gave me a camera for Christmas so I have instructed Lindy to practice taking pictures of me for the blog. She's getting better. Here's a sample of her latest work:

This is a shot of me looking around for a nice stick for Lindy to throw for me. She needs the practice.

This seems like a good one.

Here is a shot of me swimming with the stick.

And, here I am taking the stick back to Lindy.

I climed a tree too. Lindy cheers for me when I climb trees so I like to do it whenever I can.

As you can see, I had a very fun day at the lake. Lindy is fun to hang out with. Even though she can't run very fast and she dosen't roll in the dirt she's still good at throwing sticks and, unlike any of my canine friends, she keeps treats in her pocket. Lindy says that it's important to spend time with the Guiardian even if it seems like it's not doing any good.

I hope you all had a good Epiphany and that you got to spend time with your Guardian.



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