It's A Dog's Life

Thursday, April 16, 2009

That man looks real nice, dosen't he? His name is George. Look how gently he is giving pets. A real soft touch, I'll bet.

And that little puppy is our beautiful Scout. It's hard to believe that Scout was that little once, isn't it? But, things change.

Scout's life changed this week. Her friend George had his last day. That means that he is gone from Earth. The Last Day, I think, is harder on those of us left behind than on the ones who go.

Please say some prayers for Scout and her family so that maybe they won't feel so sad, and that they will have hope in the time when we are all up in Heaven together. You can pray to either Jesus or Mary, or even one of the brighter saints... just someone who will know what Scout and her family need will help them.

Pray especially for the humans. They are so fragile, you know. And they need all the love that God and Dog can muster.

And, while you're down on your nobby human knees, pray for one another. Give thanks for the life that we all share on this Earth, for our connection to one another and to God, and pray that we can all live and play gently like George.



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

As you can probably tell from the real great photograph on the left, I am wearing my pretty blue bandanna today. I've had it for a long time and it is pretty soft. Much softer than my newer ones. I like it quite a lot.

In the photos today you will see me near my wood pile. Sometimes the humans come and take some of my wood and burn it. That is a real big help to me since I am trying to get to all the little creatures that live underneath the wood. I know for a fact that there are lizards under there. Maybe other stuff too.

Here is a picture showing how I look when I am on watch for a critter. I am paying real close attention to any sounds or smells. Critters give clues, you know. I have to be very attentive. But, as you can see, I am still wearing my bandanna.

I try to be real faithful in my duties because I know it is an example to my guardian of how to be on the lookout for God. Keep aware, be ready. Stay focused on critters, er, I mean love. And get your ears up. Be sensitive to the slightest movement. And, also, dress as well as you possibly can.

I hope that each one of you has a good and happy day today, and that you are able to concentrate real hard on what is most important to you. Because, if you look real hard, you will find what you are looking for.

And, don't forget to play.



Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Today I would like to write to you about some of the problems I face in my role as Bishop of Playing and, in my off-hours, the Dog of Lindy. Also, I am posting this pretty picture of me. Look over on your left to see it. I feel that I look pretty good in that shot.

You may recall that I've been chasing the heretical squirrels with all my might.

May the eternally brave spirit of Saint Laika help me, these little foxes in my garden are just taking all the fun out of being a bishop. It seems like wherever I turn, there's another squirrel. They eat the bird food, monopolize the trees, and make annoying chicking sounds.

In order to protect the diocese I have chased, barked, and given admonitions to them. But, as you can see, all to no avail.

I am including, for your edification, a photo of one of the particularly bad squirrels. This squirrel is notoriously disrupting the unity of the diocese, upsetting the birds, and annoying me too.

As you may well expect of your bishop, I have reached out to these squirrels in inter-species friendship and offered them sanctuary in our diocese if only they will stop eating the bird's food. Like heretics before them, they refused.

Still, hoping to avoid a schism, I have taken the unusual step of asking my guardian to please place some squirrel food in the diocese so that this may entice the squirrels to stop eating the bird's food.

Beginning tomorrow there will be corn cobs placed throughout the back yard for the enjoyment and nutrition of the squirrels. May they then be able to join in with the rest of us animals in the joy of playing.

With much love and affection for all you animals,