It's A Dog's Life

Monday, October 31, 2005

Well, we had the big Halloween Costume Contest on Saturday. What that is you see it is a deal where humans dress up their animals and walk around. It was pretty much fun. Probably more so for Lindy than for me. There were some pretty strangely dressed dogs there, I'll tell you what. I was pleased that at least my outfit was fairly dignified, befitting a canine of my stature.

This is a photo of me in my costume. It is called a Zorro Outfit.

Originally I wanted to dress up as the Archbishop of Canterbury for whom I am named. Surprisingly, though, it's kind of hard to find copes and miters for dogs. Clearly a marketing niche for some enterprising capitalist. Anyway, the Zorro Outfit has a cape and a hat which is pretty close so I went with that. My friend Erica helped me pick it out. She works at the Party Pig Superstore, the one on 183. That's where I like to shop. Erica let me come in the store and everything. So, even though the hat is not as tall or as sparkly as I had hoped it's still OK. And, I DO look good. That's the main thing.

Now this picture right here, this is a photo of Lindy's friend Panina and her little bitch Izzy.

I don't personally know either of them but I thought it would be nice to put them here on my blog. Stuff like that makes Lindy feel happy so what the hey...

Now this one is a nice photo of me and my vet. You can see she is giving me a special treat.

My vet loves me. She took the stitches out of my weiner when I had an operation on it. And I got a treat then too. I am probably about the best patient they have there. I'm hardly ever sick, after all. And you know they love me because of treats all the time.

Check back later in the week as I've had some other adventures lately.

Hope you are having a Bootiful Halloween.



Saturday, October 08, 2005

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated. I’ve been wanting to but Lindy hogs the computer. Sometimes she acts like it belongs to her, or something.

Not to complain. She did buy me this cool new vest. I think it makes me look good. Very masculine, don't you think?

Lindy took me out to the lake yesterday where I chased a bunch of deer. That was cool. I like doing it. And, of course, it is a big help to Lindy. Otherwise, she’d have to do it. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Lindy run… Let’s just say I don’t think the deer are too worried about her.

I also climbed a few trees and practiced howling. Lindy doesn’t let me howl when we are in town which is a shame since I am so good at it.

Here's me in a tree. I think I look pretty good in this shot?

So, anyway, I’ve been going on some adventures with Lindy, wearing my new vest, looking cool.