It's A Dog's Life

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lindy clipped my toe nails today and I hated it. I yelped as loudly as I could. She is so hard headed sometimes, though. She just kept right on clipping as if I weren't making a sound at all. So aggravating.

To make up for it, she took me to the lake.

Here is a picture of me getting my red ball out of the lake. Lindy enjoys throwing it in there.

Here is another picture of me trying to get the ball to stay in my mouth. I finally just wrestled it to the ground. In both these photos, Lindy was proud of me. She said so.

After that I had another big adventure called a bath. At first Lindy made it sound like fun. But, I was scared at first. To take a bath, you have to get into the bath tub which is really awful. It has water in it and, unless you stay in this one special little place, it's real slippery. I didn't like it at all. Lindy kept saying, "tranquille pero... con calma... con calma" Yeah right... Like it's going to make it any better to say it in Spanish.

After a little while, though, I started to kind of like it. I do have some special soap. Samantha and Margaret are friends of mine, I've been over to their house and everything. They gave me the special soap which is pretty neat. And after it lathers up real good, it's kind of like being petted. I especially liked the drying off part. It felt good and by then I wasn't scared at all any more. I like stuff that feels good.

After the bath, Lindy put some of my dog perfume on me. Oh when will she ever learn... I really hate that

When the whole ordeal was over, Lindy gave me a treat and let me rest on the couch. She explained that sometimes guardians have to do things that are good for their dogs even if the dogs can't see the merits of it. She said that her Guardian does that sometimes and that she understands how hard it is to believe that everything really is working out for her good. I guess I do trust Lindy. I am just a little mad with her right now.

Here is a picture of me resting on the couch.

Lindy knows that I am mad with her about the toe nail clipping and the dog perfume and everything. She's just so convinced, though, that these things are good for me. It's no use complaining much. This is just her way... Her own wacky way. I love her anyway.

So, don't let yourself get burdened down with excessive personal grooming.



Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yesterday Lindy and I went to a rally to say that we don’t want the government to kill anyone. The reason we did that is because killing is wrong. Even dogs know that. Some people in the government apparently didn't get the memo, though.

Lindy says it's important to stand up for what's right, even if you're just a dog.

Here's a photo of me looking over some posters. You can see the End The Death Penalty button Lindy bought me.