It's A Dog's Life

Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Prayer About Grendel

Dear God and Jesus,
Thanks to you guys for being there to meet us dogs when we finally come home. Help Grendel find the part of Heaven that has gravy in it and make sure please that he gets his golden tail.
Please, God, give licks and cuddles to Grendel's Mom and Da because they are going to be real sad. We all are, God. So, help us not be so sad and to remember that Grendel is in the arms of infinate love and the land of unending gravy.
I love you, God, and Jesus too, and I'll be along when I'm finished down here.
Your good friend,

My Poem To Grendel

My guardian cried,
"Oh my dear, good, God,
this sadness my heart can not abide,
That sweet dog Grendel, misanthrope, has died.

At this, my heart raced,
The news made me pace.
Finally she remembered me
and put on a braver face.

"Oh little Rowan,"
she said with a sigh,
"Grendel's gone bye-bye
He'll live and play now at Jesus' side."

I sat on my chair and thought about this.
I went to my guardian and gave her a kiss.
Grendel's a great dog.
A dog we'll both miss.

Grendel wrote poems
and important things about life...
Like how to love each other a lot,
and not have any strife.

He made us all want to be better (humans too!)
because all he ever said was aboslutely true,
About love and acceptance... that applies to you!

I love you dear Saint Grendel!
And I'll see you real soon.
Just as soon as I finish my job here on Earth,
I'll run up to Heaven as fast as a squirrel!
We'll run, and we'll play, and we'll wag golden tails.
And keep watch over our humans to show them the way.

May you always have fun in Heaven,
and may gravy perpetual fill your bowl.

From your buddy,