It's A Dog's Life

Monday, August 29, 2005

Lindy has made good on all those big promises she made a few weeks ago. You know, back when she was “working.” -- That has got to be the best excuse ever! Lindy claims that “working” is how you get treats. Someone should teach her how to look cute and beg because that’s how I do it.

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of me at my leisure. I like to take a break after I’ve chased all the deer and squirrels and birds away.

I think I look pretty good in this one.

And, here is a photo of me with my new friend. Linda says his name is Thuduck which I think might be Vietnamese. Not sure. Thuduck does not say much but he swims right over to me every time Lindy puts him in the water. So, even though he hasn't said so, I think he likes me.

I hope your days are filled with new friends.



Monday, August 08, 2005

Looking back...

Guess what Lindy said?
She said that she met one of my human friends from the shelter today. I don’t know which friend it was. I had so many and they all loved me.

Sometimes I think back on my days at the shelter. Of course, I remember it fondly. There were so many nice people taking care of me. I felt like the center of attention.

I was really lucky to have all those people loving me and taking care of me before Lindy found me. I don’t know what took her so long.

Little Scarlet is still here. She is a pretty little bitch but she doesn’t do much.

Lindy is “working” a lot this week. That’s the excuse she uses for not taking me to the lake or to the Farmer’s Market or someplace. She does play ball with me in the evening but it’s not the same as spending the whole day with her. She is all full of big promises though.

I hope you are doing more playing than “working”… Yeah, right.



Thursday, August 04, 2005

The bitch is back...

Well scarlet is back. She’s not a bad little bitch but I don’t really like having her right here in my home. She gets all kinds of special privileges just because she’s pretty.

And, to be fair, Scarlet is a pretty bitch. She has long fur which is both softer and prettier than mine. Lindy likes petting Scarlet. I think that if my own fur were softer she might like me better, or at least pet me more. Being petted shows how much you are liked so it’s pretty close to the same thing, I think.

Lindy says I don’t have any reason to feel threatened. Well, I don’t feel threatened. I am just afraid that Scarlet will take my place in Lindy’s affections that’s all. I don’t even know what “threatened” is. Sometimes I think Lindy makes up words just so she can sound smart or something. You know, like you do in Scrabble.

Ths is a photo of Scarlet looking at my guardian and begging to be petted. Scarlet gives Lindy that cute look and then Lindy pets her. I am going to work on my own cute look.

On the plus side, I am getting more treats. Scarlet always brings soy pig ears with her which are real good. And one day Lindy gave us both a denta bone. And, with Scarlet here, sometimes Lindy will give me a Bil-Jac (my fav…) for no apparent reason at all.

I guess I shouldn’t complain. She doesn’t get on my bed or eat my food. It will be good to have things return to normal when she leaves though.

I hope there aren’t any bitches bothering you today.