It's A Dog's Life

Friday, June 23, 2006

I have had a great time out at The Ranch these last couple of days. Yesterday Lindy snapped a couple of pictures of me when I was looking particularly good, which is most of the time.

I hope you enjoy looking at me as much as I enjoy being the center of attention.

This is a shot of me riding out to The Ranch. One of the things I LOVE about Lindy is how many things she can do while operating my car. Snapping pictures, for example.

Now, in this shot, I am standing near this place where there's a gigantic water bowl. It's so big that humans can swim in it! But, mainly it's for drinking out of.

In this one I am just being happy which is my prmary occupation.

In this one I am standing on the gigantic water bowl and looking around. You can see my friend Thu Duck peeking out from behind me. Thu Duck is cool but he never drinks from the bowl, just floats in it.

You can see Thu Duck better in this one.

In this shot I am resting in the nice cool grass.

This is me resting some more.

Lindy, who ain't no Ansel Adams lemme tell you, made me pose for this one. I think I look pretty good but it lacks the natural feel of the others.

This is a picture of me going home at the end of the day. What a great time at The Ranch!

And I'd like to send a special shout out, I'll tell you what, to Lindy's friend Bob. Good luck in Houston Buddy! Me and Lindy think about you and Wilma everyday.



Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have gotten to go out to the ranch quite a lot these last couple of days. Lindy takes me there. I'll tell you what, I sure do have a swell time out there. There's all kinds of dead stuff to roll around on. I love it.

On the down side... I think I am going to be getting a bath soon.

In my more philosophical moments I realize that there is some relationship between making myself smell good, and the effort I put into that by seeking out and rolling on dead things, the likelihood that the universe will give me a bath. I haven't quite got it figured out yet.

Here's a picture of me at the door. I'm ready to go, I'll tell you what.

And here's a swell picture of me running through some grass.

Here's one of me standing in some water and looking around.

And here's one of me climbing on the rocks. You can kind of see my ball in the foreground.

Lindy forgot to bring my ball one day so I had to just swim for joy. It's as good, I guess. There is a duck I like to swim towards. I want to play with the duck but every time I go towards it, it swims away. Alas.

I hope you are having better luck making friends.



Friday, June 09, 2006

I got to go in the car with Lindy this afternoon. It was pretty much fun. First we went over to one of Lindy's "client's" houses. I don't know what that means. But, while we were there I saw my friend Aspen. Aspen is a cool dog. Lindy likes her, and so do I.

Here is a swell picture of me and Aspen. Aspen is the big one.

Then we had to go to some other places. Mainly, I just waited in the car. As you can see, I am wearing my ONE wrist band. It's to end hunger for humans. Can you believe that there are humans who get even less food than I do, and I am only a little dog. That's not right. Even a dog can figure that out.

This is a picture of me wearing my ONE wristband. I used to wear the yellow one because I thought it was cool. I wear this one because it's important.

Lindy has a wristband like mine only she wears hers near her hand. She doesn’t have a nice vest like mine so she just has to make do as best she can I guess and wear it where she can.

Here is a picture of me and Lindy together with our ONE wristbands. Lindy doesn't like to hang her tongue out but I do.

You can be cool like me and Lindy if you go to THE ONE CAMPAIGN and push some buttons on your computer. As you can see, it's very important. Even famous humans are in it. That's because every three seconds a human being dies from AIDS or poverty. That's very bad. I am only a dog and even I can figure that out.

The dying of a lot of these humans can be prevented but I guess the humans don't want to do it. I watched the news and, from what I saw on that, it looks like protecting marriage is more important than keeping people from dying.

Be cool and get a wristband and wear it around to remind you to live with a consciousness of your (privileged) place in the world and your responsibility to care for and heal the world. You are a human, after all.



Monday, June 05, 2006

I got to do some work with good old Lindy this weekend. Mainly that is just riding around in the car and occasionally stopping for a nice beverage or a treat.

Yesterday Lindy took me to the lake in the town. It's called Town Lake.

Here's a nice photo of me in the car. I'm all happy about going to the lake.

I got to run in a big park and swim in the lake. Lindy threw my ball. I met some other dogs and they were nice but not as fast as me at running.

Here's another picture of me. In this one I am looking at the lake.

I had a good weekend. I hope you did too.