It's A Dog's Life

Sunday, July 24, 2005

My autobiography...

I was born at a very early age. In fact, being born seems to be one of the first things that happens to most dogs. It's very common.

I don't know much about my parents because I somehow got seperated from them. I imagine that they had such important jobs that they didn't have time to raise me. Probably bomb sniffers or guide dogs, or something like that. Both my sire and my dame were very intelligent and beautiful. I don't remember them. But, I know they were great dogs.

After a while of just going around I managed to land a spot at the Town Lake Animal Shelter. That was really a lucky break for me. It's a great place, I'll tell you what. We had food every single day and people loved me. I had a nice pen that kept me warm at night and sheltered from the rain. During the day people came to the shelter and walked around. Sometimes I wished I could go home with one of them. You know, if they seemed nice or something. But, I was really happy at the shelter.

(This is a photo of the Town Lake Animal Center. This is where I got love and food before I got adopted. Now I get love and food from Lindy. Love and food are the main things.)

Then, this one day, it was in February, Lindy came to the shelter. I saw her walking around with another dog and they seemed to get along pretty well. I thought to myself, well, it looks like little Gwen is going to get a forever home today. And, I was glad for Gwen, she is a cute little bitch, but I was starting to want my own forever home. I heard that if you get a forever home that it means that you will be loved and cared for forever. I know that the people at the shelter loved me. But, I wanted my very own special guardian. It's called being adopted.

I went to the back of my pen feeling kind of down. But, I pulled myself together after awhile and went to see what was going on in the yard. As I walked to the front of my pen I saw that a human was standing there. That's not too unusual. But, when I looked up, it was Lindy. So, I guessed she wasn't going to take Gwen home. I put up my big ears to see what I could discern from that and as soon as I did that Lindy said, "Do you want to come home with me, and be my dog forever?"

I couldn't believe my ears! My head was filled with questions: Does this mean that she will love me? Is she a good hunter? Will there be food? It was very exciting.

Lindy and I spent some time together in the yard. I kissed her a lot and tried my best to look cute because I wanted her to love me. I was SO hopeful.

But, when we got back to my pen I heard the news that someone else wanted me, someone I didn't know. Their name was Corgi Rescue. Suddenly I was in demand. Both Lindy and Corgi wanted me. But, Lindy knelt down beside me and said, "Don't worry... I will get you one way or the other." That was a happy happy day for me. Being adopted means love.

I don't know what happened during the night but the next morning Lindy came back to the shelter. I saw her filling out some papers and she had a real pretty collar and leash with her. I wished that I had a pretty collar like that. The lady at the shelter put some pretty tags on the collar and then -- this is the happiest moment of my life -- Lindy put the pretty collar on me. Then we walked out of the shelter. Lindy opened the trunk of her car and I jumped right in it. Dogs aren't really supposed to ride in the trunk, though. Lindy helped me learn things like that.

(This is a photo of where Lindy went when she adopted me. That word on the building says "Adoption." That's called writing. It's words made with symbols.)

Now I live with Lindy. She is real nice. She has taught me a lot of things. My favorite things that I've learned are that I am a good dog, I am really terrific, I am really super, and gosh I am great. I know those things because Lindy says them all the time. You learn the things that you hear the most.

Since I've been adopted I have learned to swim and I've even learned some human words. Lindy knows tons of words. She talks a lot.

I am not really very sociable. But, I do have a friend. My best friend is Buddy. Buddy likes for me to chase him around the back yard and, just when I am about to get him cornered, Buddy jumps over me and I have to start all over again. Buddy is very light on his paws. His guardian is named Marion Bob. Marion is actually two people but we call them both Marion Bob. Marion Bob are nice. One of them pets me real sweetly and I like that. I am very curious about the other one. I like to follow him around to see what he will do next. It's fun visiting Buddy.

My life is good now that I have been adopted. I know that Lindy will feed me and love me forever.

I hope you can get adopted and be loved forever too.

Love Rowan

Saturday, July 23, 2005

My new bed...

Well, I got a new bed this week. Not sure why as there was nothing wrong with my old one. This one is blue, which I guess is superior in some way. Lindy likes it. That's what matters.

This is a picture of me on my new bed. I am trying to look happy to make Lindy feel good but I would really prefer to have my old bed back.

This is a picture of me on Lindy's bed. Ah... now, THIS is how a dog should sleep. These sheets are made of Egyptians, you know. There's 400 and 50 cotton Egyptians in every square inch. At least that's what it said on the label I chewed off. I also chewed a nice little hole in the top sheet to show Lindy how much I love her. She looked at it for a long time and sighed deeply. I think she was really touched by what a nice gesture it was. She's sensitive about stuff like that.

Problem is, Lindy likes to sleep here too. She could, I mean theoretically, sleep on the couch. Don't think I haven't suggested it. Whenever I bring it up, though, she pretends not to understand dog-speak. It's hard to have a mature relationship with someone who pretends not to hear you. I do my best. That's all I can do.

I am going to go lay on my new bed now. Hope you have nice dreams.



Thursday, July 21, 2005

Today Lindy took me to Town Lake. A lot of dogs go there with their guardians so I got to see some pretty bitches. (Lindy doesn’t like it too much when I use language like that. She probably thinks I am objectifying the girl dogs. But, I‘m not. I just want to hump them because they look pretty, that‘s all.)

This is a picture of what I look like when I ride in the car, except when we are actually going my long tongue hangs out more.

I look pretty good, don't I?

You can remember the name of Town Lake because it is in the town. That's why they call it that. Town Lake. Very clever, don't you think?

There are a lot of ducks on Town Lake but I keep them chased off. Lindy never says so but I know she appreciates this.

So, I had a good day of riding in the car and swimming, plus I got a treat when I got home and Lindy said that I am a good dog.

Hope you had a good day too.



Tuesday, July 19, 2005

For Your FYI File...

Well, I just about freaked out today. Let me tell you what happened:

My guardian, Lindy, likes to practice throwing things. I guess because she throws like a girl. Anyway, she goes down to the lake and practices throwing things in it. Balls and Frisbees mainly. It is my job to swim out and get them for her. I like doing it because I am a very good swimmer. Plus, it helps Lindy.

Up until today I had assumed that the reason I had to retrieve the balls out of the lake for Lindy was because she couldn’t swim. But today she got all the way in the water and swam out even further than me. She even put her whole head in the water! That seemed stupid to me. I was initially pretty worried about her being in the water but she can swim even faster than me! And she made it all the way back to the shore. Though, I think that she touched bottom before I did.

So, just for your FYI file: Humans can swim. Who knew…



Monday, July 18, 2005

My Photos

Here are some nice photographs of me. My guardian likes to take pictures of me. I guess because I am so cute. Anyway, here're the photos:

This is a picture of me on Lake Austin. It is one of the lakes near my home where my guardian takes the kayak. A kayak is another name for a boat. Just so you know. Boat has something to do with float. Interestingly, though, it is not related to goat. Not all rhyming words go together. I learned that.

I look pretty good, don't I?

In this picture I am checking out the kayak gear. Thank God I know how to swim.

The little item in front of me is called a golf ball. They are unusual animals. I can hardly catch them sometimes.

Golf balls live in wildlife preserves called golf courses. They call it that because of the golf balls living there. There is a wildlife preserve near where I live that is home to many golf balls. Also a possom.

And, finally, this is a picture of how I walk when I am trying to look cool.

In this photo I have just chased a couple of deer away. I did that because they are deer and I felt like it.

I would like to write some biographical information later in the week so check back soon.

Thanks for looking at my swell pictures.



My First Post...


My Name is Rowan.

I am a dog.

I have never had a blog before but my guardian said, “Hey, go for it…” So, I am. It IS kind of hard typing with paws, though.

I hope to write to you about my big adventures and good times. I am very busy with protecting my guardian, keeping birds off the balcony, and playing with my toys. But, I will try to write regularly.