It's A Dog's Life

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cub Is In The Newspaper Too!

My Incredibly Fabulous Wonderful and Very Good Day!

This has been the very best Valentine's Day EVER!
Here's why:

A - Scout said she would be my valentine.

B - I got an award... From Scout!

C - I protested against a human.

D - I got my picture in the paper... scroll down to "Photo Of The Day."

PLUS, the whole time I was wearing my Valentine's Day Bandanna that Romeo gave me and later I got to wear my blue coat too. So, not only did I have an incredibly fabulous wonderful and very good day, I looked good too!

I hope you had a great day too.


Me and Lindy believe that it is important to woof out about bad politicians and their presidential ass kissing and that is why we went to a demonstration today to say that we are against this human named US Senator John Cornyn. He's real bad.

US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson is real bad too but I guess that demonstration will be some other time.

This is a picture of me when I first got to the demonstration. It was raining so, of course, I wore my new blue raincoat with contrasting glow-in-the-dark stripes. I am also wearing a very great bandanna that my friend Romeo gave me for Valentine's Day. Overall, I feel that I looked very good today.

These are some of the other great dogs who came out to protest "CornDog Cornyn." Of course WE aren't CornDogs... we are GOOD dogs!

My own behavior was kind of questionable because sometimes I like growling and barking. Not all of the other dogs appreciated that.

I did try real hard to be a good dog but several times Lindy had to take me aside and lay down the paw with me. It's just so hard to be good.

In this photo I am posing beside one of the signs that says that John Cornyn is a lap dog of the president. A female lap dog...if you know what I mean.

So, just to recap. I looked very good in my sporty new coat and bandanna, John Cornyn is a bad human, and it's important to show up and woof whenever there's injustice and/or stupidity.

I Got An Award

And,best of all, this very great award is from my amazingly wonderful Valentine, Scout!

Thank you Scout! You're real pretty and I woof you!

Scout is so cool that she can actually play in snow. Now, that's valentine worthy, I'll tell you what.

I hope you have a swell valentine like me and that maybe you even get an award too!


Scout Is My Valentine

Last week I met a couple of real nice dogs at the lake. I forgot their names but they were a lot of fun to play with.

You can see that they are pretty big dogs. Bigger than me,anyway. But, you need not worry about your old pal Rowan. I can hold my own with the big dogs.

My big dog friends are good swimmers. Probably even as good as me. But, I don't think they can climb trees.

I hope you made some nice new friends this week. Having friends is fun.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Today is the anniversary of the the very best day of my life. It was the day I got adopted by Lindy, of course. I'll never forget the day she came to the shelter to get me and take me to my forever home. She had a real nice collar and a matching leash and I couldn't believe what a lucky boy I was when Lindy put that pretty collar on me. Ever since Lindy rescued me I've done my best to take real good care of her and to make her laugh. Lindy said we didn't really have time to celebrate today but I did get an egg on my kibble and Lindy brought me some chicken chip snacks from HEB which is where you get snacks from. Lindy said that maybe later we can invite the boys from the neighborhood over for some treats. I hope she does that. We like treats. Well, I just wanted you all to know about my very special and important day.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

I met some interesting fellows this afternoon when I was at the store for SmartPets. They are real nice guys, kind of floppy, but loads of fun. I just know you'd like them too.

These new friends of mine need to find a home real bad. I remember what it was like before I came here to live with Lindy and take care of her. I did have it pretty good at the shelter and I'm awful thankful for all the food and love I got while I was there. But, my life really took off after I got my forever home. That's why I want to do everything I can to help these dogs. They need a forever home too, and I just know that they will make good friends to someone who needs a dog.

These are a special kind of dog called Basset Hounds. See their big long ears? They help these dogs gather smells so that they can smell even more things than most other dogs. Even more than me.

If you need a good dog in your home I hope you will think about taking one of these nice dogs. You can go to the website or call them on the human telephone at 512/218-8883.

If you go to the website, you can read all kinds of information about how to adopt or foster a Bassett Hound and even see more great photos.

Thanks for helping me find forever homes for these fellow dogs.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

You will never in a million dog years guess who I saw at the store for Smart
Pets. Well, if you guessed Sherman The Tank the famous rabbit you could. That's right! I looked up and Sherman was right there in front of me. He couldn't give an autograph or anything on account of having paws and not knowing how to write. (Bunnies are not as smart as you might have heard.) But, he did let me sniff his ear. Sherman is a real swell fellow and he was easy to hang out with. Just a regular bunny.

I hope that you get to hang out with a celebrity bunny sometime because it really is fun.


Guarding the Car

Here are a couple of real great photos of me doing my very important duty of guarding the car. And what do you think my guardian was doing while I was working so hard? She was eating Greek food. Do you think she brought me so much as a piece of arni? No, she did not. But, I guarded the car real good anyway.

I am wearing a real great golf shirt that SantaPaws brought me for Christmas. It's bright green and it feels as soft as belly fur. Those bold stripes are blue like the collar. And there's a monogram on the collar too. Fancy.

The big pay off for all my hard work is that my very good friend Ms. Elizabeth came out and gave me some nice pets. Ms. Elizabeth really is a good petter and she lets me kiss her right on the cheek too. I like her a lot.

I hope you have a fun time and get to give your friends a nice kiss too!


Expert Dogs Agree... Naked is Better

Well, I had a pretty good week, I’ll tell you what. I got to go to a new lake called Festival Beach. Though, they weren’t having a festival when we were there. I barked at some swans and they kind of barked back. I think they are scared of me. Or, maybe I am scared of them. Figuring out that part can be confusing. But, if Lindy had brought along my camera you could see some swell photos of me barking at them. As it is, you’ll just have to take my woof for it.

I did a lot of car guarding. Lindy has been very busy with some human-types of activities which don’t necessarily involve me. It’s OK. I do stuff without her all the time.

I also went back to the place with all the mud. This time Lindy took off my pretty clothes before I ran in the mud. Naked mud running really is superior to running in the mud with your clothes on…. Just in case you ever need to know.

I hope you had a good week too!