It's A Dog's Life

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I thought that all you blog friends might enjoy looking at more great pictures of me at the beach. This is the Surfside Beach. It's closest to where I live and I can get my guardian to take me down there most anytime. It's not as big as Matagorda Beach but I can run just as fast on it.

You can probably tell that I am going real fast in this shot.
See, all paws off the ground, like in flying!

Once again, going real fast.

And, just watching the waves.

Running AND licking my lips. Oh yeah, you can do it.

Doing a little prancing maneuver. Very regal, eh?

And, once again, very fast running.

At first, today, I thought that maybe I wasn't going to get to go to the beach because of, you know, working. With my guardian, I'll tell you what, it's always either working or sleeping. I don't know what I am going to do with her.

But, when I asked her about it, Lindy said, "Silly Rowan... it's my job to listen for God's laughter, and to laugh along. It IS my job to wait for the winds of freedom to open my heart and to shout out prayers of love to God. That's my real job, to see God everywhere and, because of Her, to love everything I see. "

So, I said, "Well, what about the typing?" And she just laughed.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I thought you all might have a good time looking at this real great photo of me in my back yard.

You can see that I have scattered the leaves all over the yard. Lindy amuses herself by putting them in little piles. But after she's finished, the game is over. So, I spread back them out for her. Once again, just being helpful.

That big rock that I have my paws on has a frog living under it. Lindy is not overly appreciative of my efforts to get it out but I will, one of these days, I will.

There are a couple of cheeky little squirrels around here. One of them makes noises at me and then runs away because it is afraid of me. Not sure why. I'll tell you what, though, I really do wish I could climb up a tree like those little squirrels. I'd jump from limb to limb faster than anything you've ever seen, I sure would. It's not that I don't try, you understand. It's just that it's hard for dogs to get off the ground very much.

Well, that 's the picture of me in the backyard. Maybe I'll get Lindy to take a picture of my house later. I do have my very own house out in the backyard. I don't use it, a'course. Why would I?

Have a great and fun day everyone. I love everyone.

Your good friend,


Monday, February 09, 2009

My good friend Scout got blogged about by her guardian yesterday. There's a picture of her and everything. Scout is a good dog. That's Scout in the photo over there on the left.

Me and my guardian watched the Westminster Kennel Club on Tee Vee tonight. We only watched a little bit of it on account of Lindy having to go do some other stuff. I can't imagine what could have been more important. And, I thought she could at least have left the Tee Vee on for me so I could watch. But, whatever. I curled up in her chair and watched her type instead. Not quite as exciting as the hearding dog competition.

I was wondering, though, which category I could compete in. So, I asked Lindy about it. She was non-committal. Just told me I was the best dog in the world and to go back to sleep. But, clearly, I am not the best dog in the world because I am not on Tee Vee and getting awards and everything. I do have a certificate saying that I am blessed. Ms. Fran and Erica gave me that. And, of course, I still have my golden star that Romeo gave me. Those are real special and I have them both on the wall near my kennel.

But, I have a suspicion that I am not like the dogs on the Westminster Kennel Club Tee Vee show. Lindy said that there should be a category for dogs that give love, another for bishop dogs, and another for dogs that make you laugh. She said I would win all of those, except maybe for bishop which I would like to share with +Clumber and +Airedale. They're my bishop buddies.

Me and Lindy did notice that there was an Airedale dog on the Westminster Kennel Club Tee Vee show. But, it didn't appear to be wearing a miter so I think it was just a regular Airedale, not an actual bishop.

And we saw a French Bulldog too. But, it wasn't even half as pretty as Balboa. Even Lindy said that.

But, back to my existential crises. I don't know where I fit in. There are several breeds that I might be part of. But, only part. Sometimes I wish I were a more better well bred kind of dog. Once I asked Lindy what kind of dog I was and she said "the best kind." But, I didn't see that category on the Westminster Kennel CLub Tee Vee show. I think she just made it up.

These movie star dogs make me feel insecure. I kind of want to growl at them. They are too pretty, too perfect, and too damned well behaved. They make me feel plain and ordinary. Yet, I am fascinated by them. I want to be like them, ribbons and all, pretty fur, and all that fame and glory.

But, tonight, as I was laying on Lindy's good pink blanket, the one I am not really supposed to be on, I thought about the things I do have. Love for one. And my guardian. And I feel so happy when I hear her voice or when she laughs. She thinks I am the best, so why should I care about that fellow on Tee Vee? He's not the one who feeds me.

My plain and ordinary life is pretty good, I'll tell you what. I get to do all my favrite things whenever I want. Pretty much, anyway. I wag and wiggle, bark and run. I have lots of toys and I can jump real high. And my guardian plays with me and talks to me everyday. So, even if I'm not the fanciest dog around, I am probably the most blessed. Except a'course for Scout who gets to play in snow.

Hope you're feeling special and loved, even if you're not on Tee Vee,


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Today I had a real fun time playing at the beach. Me and Lindy went down to Surfside, just for a little while. Obviously, I did my job of playing including running, barking, and wagging.

I am just enjoying myself in this shot.

Not really doing anything in this shot. Mainly, just enjoying being myself.

In this shot, LIndy had given me the "Come" command. That means to come a'running.
So I did. You can see that I'm going real fast.

This is one of the birds I played with. Before I got to the beach, they were just loitering on the shore. But, I got them flying high, I'll tell you what.

And this is a shot of me in the car on the way home.

Lindy stopped by to see some friends before we got to the shore, and we had to stop at a store on the way home so she could buy something. It wasn't something for me. That's all I know.

When we got home Lindy told me that I was a good dog and she petted me. I even got an egg on my kibble. That's real special to me.

Later we played with one of my new balls. I am much better and faster than Lindy but I tried to go easy on her.

Me and Lindy sometimes talk about real important things. It's hard for her to understand that the main thing is just to listen for when God laughs and then to laugh along, maybe to jump or wiggle too. I am glad I am a dog because that sort of thing is easy for me. But, for now, I'm off to my bed.